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Just How Rocking Is The Rockin' Taco Mexican Grill?

June 15, 2012 at 7:53 PM | by | ()

Times Square was the original inspiration for the still-in-transition Strip complex that houses the two-story, 24-hour Walgreens and the hipster McDonalds. In addition to the New York inspired gigantic video display, it appears emulating a city that never sleeps is the way forward.

Rockin' Taco Mexican Grill recently opened, with 24-hour service for your guacamole and margarita fixes. Naturally, we were curious just how rocking the place was, so we went for a look.

The menu is kind of simple. Tacos, bowls, burritos, nachos, salad, then variations on chips. Simple. The ingredients are fresh, and the quantity plentiful. This isn't pushing the limits of fast food, but the portion is large for the money. The chips we found a tad boring. But, we did like the option of bacon with our beans. Who doesn't need bacon? We found no useful photographs of the dishes themselves, so it's a case of opting for what you think best. The bowl was really a medley of items in a serving platter. Not taco shell housing for this dish.

If you are looking for a super quick variant on fast food this might work for you. It also felt like they are expecting most people to take these dishes back to their hotel. It's the margaritas, they assume, you'll stop and savor. They've two designated bars where you can get your drink on. Including those 100 oz. novelty numbers for $36.

They are not re-inventing the wheel over at Rockin' Taco. But wait, we forgot the rocking part. The music is louder than your average fast food joint and we're going to say, it is way more rockin'. Green Day, AC-DC, Nirvana, and, uh, Journey, on our visit. Teen Spirit with your tacos, people. And, it never closes.

Soon to join this 24-hour fun fest is the almost ready Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The neon, the counter, the signs are so very, very close to unveiling. And, also serving around the clock. So that's burgers, tacos, smoothies and Walgreens at any hour of the day.

A really unwelcome addition to the center is the aggressive hawkers of the retail satellites now dumped in the middle of the second floor. It's bad enough that on the way to this building, all pedestrians are hassled by annoyances trying to sell their wares. But, now this slight Strip respite has been sullied by these hard-sell, pop-up retailers. If we were Panda Express, Goya or Walgreens we'd be ticked-off these sellers are blocking the path to our stores and merely encourage folks to hurry up and head out the door. We know Harmon Corner has been reading our updates, so read this execs -- you cheapen your mission with these product pigeons glomming onto tourists.

As a side note, check out the rendering at the top of this photo. Hints at the impending third floor ambiance. Oohh, foliage.

We also just noticed that the super-duper digital display outside has updated with the new Eli Roth's Goretorium logo we alerted you to last week. The digital billboard has a couple of cranes fixing it up so we expect to bask in even more super-video-rays real soon. As always, we keep our eyes peeled to the corner of the Strip and Harmon.

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