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The Four Seasons Is Changing, But When?

Where: 3960 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89119
June 19, 2012 at 7:50 PM | by | ()

The Four Seasons Las Vegas. As experienced by us in 2010.

There's been Internet buzz about it for months. Change is coming finally to the Four Seasons.

A renovation is much talked about by guests, with at least one reporting that they were told back in September of 2011 to expect a remodel by January of this year. (News flash: that didn't happen.) It's also openly talked about by hotel representatives themselves on travel sites like TripAdvisor. This response to a reviewer was posted just a few days ago:

You are correct that the hotel will undergo a major rooms renovation later this year. Our new room product will be fantastic, and we hope you will return to the hotel to experience it first hand.

After reading through several pages of trip reports and a bit of Googling as well, we couldn't find nary a hint of any construction work currently being done. Have you heard anything about renovation plans at FSLV? Send us what you know via tips@vegaschatter.com! We'll be sure to give you credit or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we're good with keeping you on the DL, too!

Archived Comments:

No Info here

Asked them about this on their facebook back on April 15 and could only get...

"We will indeed be renovating all of our rooms later this year but an official timeline has yet to be announced. Stay tuned! We are very excited!"

From what I could discern, it it supposed to be towards year end.

Four Seasons Renovation

Hello. The information above is correct. All 424 rooms at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas will undergo a renovation and it will be complete by the end of the year. The new room product will feature a contemporary, sophisticated design scheme that will reflect the glamour and energy of Las Vegas. Highlights will include bold artwork and quality construction and furnishings. We look forward to sharing additional details soon.

~ Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas