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Why We Are Headed Back to the Riviera

Where: 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
June 20, 2012 at 5:44 PM | by | ()

This VegasChatter writer is gearing up for another Las Vegas trip in a couple weeks, and that means another to-do list. So while writing down everything we wanted to make sure to see and do, we ran across something completely unexpected. We wrote on our list to make sure to swing by the Riviera for some gambling. Did we just say Riviera? We sure did.

Riviera has been in the news a lot recently trying to market their property to gamblers. It's an intriguing strategy and completely counter to what every other Las Vegas property seems to be doing. While the big companies are marketing their new clubs, rooms and restaurants, Riviera is making sure you know about their new casino. The big push right now from the Riviera is that they want to provide the best gambling odds of anywhere on The Strip. They have a single-zero roulette wheel, 1000x odds on craps, and single-deck blackjack that pays 3-2.

We haven't stepped foot in Riviera in a long time. There just hasn't been much of a reason to. The casino was bland, the restaurants weren't anything special and it's location is less than ideal. But, these changes to the gambling floor are at least worth a stop. And, that’s coming from a gambler who has a players card at every Strip property... except Riviera. It appears that they are beginning to regain at least some relevancy. This writer will be curious to see if the changes made any difference or if it is just another marketing scheme.

Archived Comments:

I like the Riv!!!

Ok, I said it.....I like this place!! I was in Vegas in May and spent an evening there at the casino. I played slots, had drinks, and did very well there. I found my money lasted, and allowed my to play ALOT longer than at Wynn, Mirage, Caesars, MGM, Etc...The coctail servers were also very friendly and visible, which has been steadily declining every trip to Vegas I've made. The british pub here is really cool too, with great beer selections and awesome food. 2 weeks after I got home, the Riviera sent me an offer for free play, 3 free nights, $50 in food, and a free cabana. That stood out to me. They appreciated my business, and wanted to thank me. Although I'm staying at the Paris in October, I'll be heading down to the Riv for some gambling for sure!!! :)


There's a surprisingly decent Indian quick-service stand in Riviera's food court. It's even open 24/7.

I'll come out of the closet!!

I always hit the Riviera when I'm in town.  I like the Queen Vic pub, the friendly staff, the food court, and just the general old-school, unpretentious vibe.  And TJC is right, they send me great offers in the mail too.  They make this committed low-roller feel like a VIP.
I might hit the comedy club when I'm next in town.

I love the Riviera

The Riviera is an awesome casino. I love the feeling of old time Las Vegas, and you get that feeling at the Riviera. I would much rather spend time at the Riviera than something new and stale Aria. I hope the Riviera survives and lives for years to come.

Great place

I played @ Riviera in November 2011 and I received special offers in the mail so when I went back in November 2012 I stayed there for free for 4 nights. I did not really get around to playing as much as I would have liked but I really enjoy the Queen Victoria Pub as well as the bar and some limited gaming. The Comedy Club is excellent as well. I really like that the Riviera is really peaceful and not overcrowded like most Strip properties. Nice personnel at the Riviera as well. :-)