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You Can Still See The MGM Lions, Just Not At The MGM

Where: 12175 Bermuda Road [map], 89044
June 21, 2012 at 5:07 PM | by | ()

There's probably a funny 'caption this' here...

The lion habitat may be gone from MGM Grand and a lighted showroom for the hotel's new digs in their place (err, yeah... see below..), but that doesn't mean you can never see its cats again. They actually still live in the Las Vegas area on the Lion Habitat Ranch (see what they did there?), off The Strip.

A few weeks ago, the ranch started offering private tours and lion "trainer 4 a day" sessions to all who are interested. (Especially, those who prefer cats over dolphins.) For an unstated amount, you can spend three to four hours being a lion tamer and doing the following activities:

●prepare lion's daily food
●clean a lion cage
●feed a lion
●water the lions
●bathe a lion
●work a young lion to the "mark" (like in the movies)
●receive a roaring lion

We're thinking you may want to pack clothes and shoes specifically for this outing because it sounds like you'll be either cleaning up the lions' messes or possibly making a few of your own. Since no price is quoted, we're going to assume that rates are similar to the dolphin trainer for a day program over at The Mirage which is running at $550 per person.

So, what do you say? Sound like a roaring good time? (Sorry, we had to.) Will you be adding this to your Vegas list?

(PHOTO: The Lion Habitat Ranch on Facebook)

Archived Comments:

How sad

I was wondering where the lions would go, glad they arent too far. Still mad they removed something we would go out of our way to visit MGM for.

Nothing in Vegas is meant to last forever...

...wheather it's worth keeping or not. Such is the way of the MGM/Mirage 'suits' mentality. Course, they'd tell us the lions habitat was too expensive to maintain but hey...folks would visit the property just to see it and...didn't any of 'em drop a couple bucks here 'n there ???
I walked by the 'new' hotel room re modle the other day...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thanks for this post...

My sister, our friend Tim, and I, loved seeing "the kitties" at the MGM. We had our pictures taken with a few of the cubs (typically I'm not a fan of exploitation, but the cubs really didn't seem to mind) and we cheerish those photos. -It's great to have been able to see a young adult lion and know you met it when.