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Surf The Musical Not Quite Ready To Ride The Premiere Wave

June 22, 2012 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

A few weeks ago, Planet Hollywood teased us with a few short scenes from its upcoming production, Surf The Musical -- a homage to the "nostalgia of big dreams, lost love and summer nights" set to the fun, fun, fun of some 30 Beach Boys tunes.

Back then, we noted that producers "weren't making it easy on themselves" by "springing an untried, and completely original, musical upon Las Vegas." Just how much of a challenge it is may be evident in news that the show's premiere has been pushed back.

Playbill.com reports that the musical's debut has been changed from today, June 22 to June 27. Just a handful of days but it speaks to the pressure that all involved have to get it right, right out of the box. Playbill cites that the delay will "allow for additional rehearsal time."

When Surf does dive into the Vegas entertainment scene, tickets will range from $64 to $144. Show dates and times will vary. Visit SurfTheMusical.com for more information.

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Well, a bit more rehearsal time can only be a good thing...I hope. The less 'tweaking' after the premier the better...I want to experience a good Show. I'll see it on July 23.