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The Expansion Of Fremont East Turns A Corner

July 10, 2012 at 6:32 PM | by | ()

We've extensively reported and tracked the development of Fremont East, that Downtown strip we keep encouraging you to visit past the Fremont Street Experience. And, we keep chronicling how it's expanded with new and novel ventures, from Insert Coin(s) to hipster bars like theGriffin.

We've also noted how it seemed chock to the gills with new tenants. And, now, it seems we were right. The latest super, big name tenant found it necessary to turn the corner onto Sixth Street. But, we think you'll be making those few extra steps to the right to pay a visit in early 2013.

Michael Morton, creator of the N9NE Group (and, thus, creator of.. deep breath.. N9NE Steakhouse, ghostbar, Rain Nightclub, Nove Italiano and Moon Nightclub), is opening a rockin' Mexican restaurant slash tequila bar. It's right next door to the forthcoming Commonwealth Bar we tipped you to here.

On our travels, we spied this location and thought, 'hmmm, that's developmentally ripe for an enterprising person,' and so snapped these pics long before we knew Morton had his eye on the space. And, it makes perfect sense. We predict many will stumble out of the Commonwealth and feel the temptation for tacos. Though this won't be your usual 3 a.m. stand.

Behind this door, well, we hope an upgraded version, they promise a world so rich and vibrant, "we will even tie a red string around your finger so that when you return to the real world you will know it wasn’t a dream.” So they are watching your back, folks. Goodness knows how many through-the-looking-glass casualties we see walking around these days. Or, maybe they've teamed with neighbor Insert Coin(s) for a Tron/ Matrix alternate reality? No, it's not going to be Margaritaville. Can Jimmy Buffet Buffett compete with "the sexy rhythm of the music, intensely powerful aromas and flavors from the food, and tequila with almost palpable essence?” We think not.

Morton's cohorts in this venture is The Tamares Group which owns The Plaza, and on Fremont, the buildings housing Le Thai, Don't Tell Mama and Beauty Bar. So, an empire is being forged.

But, wait. What about just south of Sixth Street? Aren't they trying to forge an empire on that block there? Carlos "Big Daddy" Adley, creator of the on-the-horizon, Fremont Country Club and Backstage Bar and Billiards (see here) also has some rockin' music and bars planned for the neighborhood. And, on his block, they have the authentic Mexican and Cuban restaurant Mamita's already up and running. And, for almost two decades.

Golly, is a battle of south of the border music, food and beverage brewing? Do we sense a potential food fight and territorial staring contest? Or, are we just trying to start one? Hey, its hot outside, we're cranky and now we seriously want Mexican food. Anyway, as usual we'll keep you posted as further details pop up.

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Jimmy "Buffett"

Two "t"s.

Going To Be Exciting

Funny, we were just down there about 1 AM last night scoping it all out. When all of this is built out, that area is going to have some AMAZING synergy. Went by Atomic Liqours to see the sign turned back on (looks amazing, we Facebooked it).

With that happening and Tony Zappos' container building hopefully on the way, my prediction that The Western will get an overhaul and be back in action in the next few years is looking pretty safe. A prediction which I made right when it closed and people were conjecturing that it might be closed for good.

I'm going to toss some food-for-thought out there: Fremont East has plenty of undeveloped and under-developed land. Through the rest of this decade, could we see The Strip stagnate and Fremont Street (as a whole) turn into a nationally recognized tourist destination (aka downtown Scottsdale or Bourbon Street or Gas Lamp District) that stands on its own? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.


Love your thought process as I've been hoping myself DT gets to the point where it's mentioned in the same breath as those exact three places.  It would be quite a transformation.  But from what I understand GLD was also.