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You Tell Us, What's Wrong With This Picture?

July 13, 2012 at 7:19 PM | by | ()

We know we can be way harsh on Bally's whether it be about their $3 safe charges or their bolted down sliding doors, but we're still in disbelief that Caesars Entertainment has not made any efforts to give the property a make-over, specifically with this entrance.

Is anyone else getting an EPCOT in the mid-80s vibe here? And, Great Scott! The sign for the monorail entrance is not helping, either.

But, how does Caesars solve a problem like the entrance to Bally's? We still love the moving walkway so we wouldn't want them to get rid of that, but perhaps they could do away with the white curly cues and the slim 80s grey columns for something a little more modern?

And, perhaps they could incorporate some cool LED light show or rotating video installations like the ones we've seen at the Cosmopolitan? Whatever it is, we hope something happens here soon. The girls of Jubilee deserve it!

If you could redesign the entrance to Bally's, what would you do? Tell us in comments below!

Archived Comments:

I like it

Does not look like anything special during the day but really cool lit up at night.
I like the cement ledges to sit on, but it does draw a fair amount of homeless and pimps. Don't want to see that area go away but they could put a little more security in that area.

Retro Ain't Always Cool

The lengthy and dated entrance to Bally's from The Strip sets a tone for the property that is not positive.  It's a huge space when you think about it - virtually the distance of a downtown block wasted on old fountains and sub-par landscaping.  It was cool long ago, but it's time for a re-do.

Clean it up Ballys

The fountains need a scrub pretty bad, there's a yellowish hue on them.  Plus, they really need to fix that moving walkway from the strip.  It hasn't moved in at least 8 months.  They have to be missing out on so much foot traffic($) from that.

Pinball Wizard

What many people don't realize is that from above (IE, from Bellagio rooms), it looks like a pinball game. I have no clue if any connection between the name of the resort and the pinball manufacturer.

I am surprised that they don't put an outdoor bar on the corner. The ambiance would be great (a la Rhumbar). For now, I think they are too focused on Linq.

Am I the only one that thinks Linq might under-perform? People simply don't like to wander off The Strip (unless it is into a casino) and the Ferris wheel might only be marginally visible to those actually walking The Strip.

I also like it

Dont know why but I think it looks cool, specially at night

I know, I know.....have I won a prize?

"What's Wrong With This Picture?"

There are no porn-slappers in it.

Like someone else mentioned, it's a surprising waste of land in such a prime mid-Strip location.

IMHO Ballys is looking tired and in need of re-modelling with a few ton of high-ex.

However, if CET price the rooms right and keep them clean I guess it will  remains profitable - it's a bit like the Flamingo, an average hotel in a good location (but without as good a pool).