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The Twitter Foodie Spat That Consumed Our Afternoon

July 17, 2012 at 9:03 PM | by | ()

This is not the steak you are looking for...

Anthony Bourdain and his wife, Ottavia, had bad steak in Vegas. We know. The offending restaurant should be char-broiled. If only we cared knew the name.

Vegas food blogger John Curtas of Eating Las Vegas guessed, got it wrong and got called out by Mr. Bourdain himself on Twitter for it. We lol'd noted the interaction and moved on, but then it kept going and we were hooked. Here's the tweet by tweet (for the most part)... so far:

Sometime during or after this interaction, Curtas referenced Bourdain's comments on his site and also referred to him as a former drug addict. That mention was later deleted before this sad face tweet went out:

Hmm, maybe an emoticon wink will help smooth things over:

An invite out?

Here's how Ottavia responded to Curtas' original article:

Before Anthony nails more bad intel:

And, then John tweets back for some more:

So, is it over or is more to come? We know one thing for sure, we're never forgetting to pick up more microwave popcorn at the store ever again.

7.19 Update: Eater Vegas reports that Charlie Palmer Steak gets the hair shirt on this one. Here's Anthony Bourdain's response:

(PHOTO: thefoodblog123.blogspot.com)

Archived Comments:

Charlie Palmer

Based on the review Ms. Bourdain wrote, it sounds a lot like the steak I had at Charlie Palmer Steak a few months back.

What's more, that restaurant is inside the Four Seasons, which is known as a very celebrity-friendly hotel.

Called It

It seems like Charlie Palmer has come forward to apologize for the steak. So called it. :)