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Goretorium To Bring Deadly Hotel And Casino To The Strip

July 2, 2012 at 8:58 PM | by | ()

We were the first to alert you to the name, the location even when they are hiring, but now the Goretorium itself has stolen our thunder. The nerve. And, they've spilled big details that hardcore horror and fright fans have been waiting to hear.

The Goretorium, film director Eli's Roth's interactive "self-guided horror experience," plans to open on The Strip in September at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon and now we know for sure that they've added a distinctly Vegas focus.

As we accurately predicted, the setting will be the Delmont Hotel, "Sin City’s most deadly mythical hotel and casino." The Delmont will be comprised of creepy mazes you'll need to walk through -- if you dare. You pay your money and special effects, actors in character and anmatronic scares will introduce you to the "gruesome and ghastly sights of past hotel guest victims and the serial-killing family behind the deeds." Nice.

The thrills begin when you enter the fictional lobby and wind your way through the experience, an amped-up variant of a haunted house. If you survive to arrive at the other side, Roth & Co. announced via press release today that they will offer a Vegas-y reward -- "a freaky, 60’s inspired lounge called Baby Dolls." Doesn't sound too scary, right? Um, yes. It'll include "caged zombie dancers and live feedings." And, will feature views of CityCenter and The Cosmopolitan. Kinda of a creepier version of this one at Rockin' Taco on the floor below.

And, if that's too creepy and ookie for you, they also promise "a one-of-a-kind horror retail shop and a venue for premiere events with a to-go bar called Bloody Mary’s." Sneak in, grab a t-shirt and beer and just tell everyone you braved the Goretorium.

Again, they are emphasizing that this is a 365-days-a-year shockfest, not just for Halloween. We're still looking forward to the first images for a true hint of the scariest secrets on The Strip.

Today's description of the view from the lounge (blood-pub?) and our puzzling of the attraction's final coordinates in the building lead us to assume this lit area is the ultimate location for fright. Find it on the third floor above Walgreen's.

But we've been wrong recently in playing games locating the final resting place of Harmon Corner tenants. We thought for sure that Bonanno's Pizza was slotting itslef into the ground floor. (We might have spied some blueprints that led us astray... shhhhh..). Instead, it's going to be another outpost on the Strip for City Life USA, a handbag, shoes, sunglasses-type place.

There's a smaller one further down The Strip on your way to MGM.

We're fairly confident we got the right tenant in the right place this time. You know, on account of the huge sign out front. But, we're going to hold back and not speculate on another super secret new tenant opening up soon, two doors down from Panda Express. Surprise us soon, Harmon Corner. Or, you know we'll find out the hard way.

Archived Comments:

Secret tenant?

Well, we found out the hard way. The cloaked tenant shown above, will be Millennium Foto. As you were folks.

Is it just me?...

......I just don't "get" the whole Goretorium thing. I mean, you can walk down the strip at night and see REAL people vomiting. I just didn't think this was a missing element from the Strip experience. It's weird.

HELLo Goretorium, RIP fright dome

Looks like fright dome's 10th anniversary will be it's last, good riddance. Who wants to walk around a pathetic junkyard, in the dark, full of toxic fog machines, strobe lights, and teenagers in bad make up and filthy costumes? Especially when a professional horror director has something so much better to offer.
Really looking forward to Eli Roth's Goretorium!

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-Sin city is about to get a lot more sinful