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Mandalay Bay's Michael Jackson Obsession Is Growing

Where: 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
July 3, 2012 at 12:07 PM | by | ()

The signs, they are a chang-ed at Mandalay Bay as Cirque's upcoming Michael Jackson show has hakuna matata'd theater marquees. Now Showing: A New Michael Jackson Show, except that it's not yet "Now Showing" since as the sign says it premieres in 2013.


This is Where Michael Jackson Lives On - just hopefully not in a creepy Walt Disney type of way.

MJ fans that can't wait till next year can get a peek at the King of Pop now. Across from Mandalay Bay's theater doors is a white Michael Jackson. Err... MJ dressed in white. A white MJ plastered in white? How about we just run the picture and allow readers to describe as they like? We just hope this display really isn't where Michael Jackson lives on. Since that would mean say say say...somebody's watching me.

If you can't stop till you get enough, not far away are the Micheal Jackson slots we first were messin' round with at last year's Global Gaming Expo and just last week finally alerted you to their first Vegas casino locations.

Immersion into the king's world of pop begins the moment the penny slot accepts your first bill and yelps out a hee-hee. It's a progressive jackpot slot which was nearing $447,000 during our play. Play includes Moonwalk Mystery Wilds and pop-themed bonus rounds like the Smooth Criminals free games.

Bonus rounds are selected by a user-triggered spin of a Wheel of Fortune/U-Spin type reel. Unfortunately, our fingers didn't hit many bonus rounds. And, from what we observed, the gameplay isn't too unique from other slots, but with a Michael Jackson hologram moon-walking and spinning his way over As, Ks, 9s, black fedoras, and sequined gloves.

Where the slot really kicks is in the music, of course, and with "Dirty Diana," "Billie Jean," and "Beat It" blaring from all directions, the reels could be single-line, old-school mechanical and players likely wouldn't mind. We certainly didn't and we're aren't card-carrying members of any fan club or anything. Yet not only were we grooving in our seats, but passersby stopped to watch and take pictures. Of the machines -- not our dancing. We think.

Bottom line is that the Micheal Jackson slot machines are easy to play, a helluva a lot of fun, and we liked the way it makes us feel. And, it didn't hurt that we doubled our money.

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Ya know,
I've always admired the guy for his contribution to music, I do love a lot of his material...
I've never had a problem with his goofy personal life...

I do think his family is trying to take advantage of EVERYTHING they can...in the name of MICHAEL,
but I just can't get worked up about a big Jackson spectacular...Cirque or no Cirque.

I don't know, you don't hear anything about the world touring show any more. The reviews I did read weren't all that great.

Nope, the new Michael Jackson Shows is not one I'm holding my breath to see, but I'm sure I will.
(I vote to bring back MAMMA MIA...)