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Happy New Resort Fee At The Plaza Day!

Where: 1 Main Street [map], 89101
July 24, 2012 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

For anyone that's forgotten, we are here to remind readers that the Plaza's dreaded new resort fee kicks in today, July 24. The $10 daily fee includes spectacular amenities like free wireless, free 800 and local telephone calls (ooh!), complimentary bottled water (aah!), free parking and a coupon book with over $250 in valuable offers.

The hotel's splash page has already removed the "No Resort Fee" reference so we have to give their web coders props there. See the previous version here to relive the good ol' days. Also gone are links to Simpatico, but they haven't been as quick in removing the Swingers Club references. There have been a lot of changes to keep up with so perhaps the sys team just needs another copy of the memo.

For those that like the fine print and full transparency, the new resort fee is disclosed not on the booking page nor even the submit reservation page. It's pretty much a footnote on the Hotel Services page. Boo. VegasChatter was curious if the web reaction trended toward disappointment over the change or if ten bucks was still reasonable enough to stay attractive.

VegasChatter readers seem turned off by the daily new fee leaving the following comments:

· Time to cue up losing horns for Plaza's desperate cash-grab attempts
· Don't need them anymore, found another place to stay
· All they"ve done since the remodel is drive people away
· It seems to represent a deceitful business practice I can't support

Readers prefer a la carte pricing to resort fees according to our scientifical survey:

· In a perfect world hotels would bundle in all the extras to the daily rate
· I don't mind when the resort fees include access to a decent fitness center... [but would]... give the edge to Caesars properties
· Most people use very little of what is included [in resort fees] and some of the included is a joke
· Better to pay a little more for the room and have things included
· As long as it's not more than $5 for amenities that I would use, I'm ok with [resort fees]

Elsewhere on the Internet, one TripAdvisor reader sent out an SOS asking where else to stay downtown in response to the new resort fee:

Another TA reader was glad to have read the post, originally booking the Plaza over Golden Nugget for $10 less per night and unaware of the resort fee: "Way to lose a new customer and gambler, Plaza." Ouch. Another called and reported success in asking the hotel to waive the new fee for an August stay since the reservation was made before the announcement. Follow-up comments recommend asking for an email confirmation and keeping it as backup at check-in. Good idea. Others replied:

· Not only is it poor business instigating a fee like that, especially when you are nothing like a resort, but the way they are implementing it is even worse.
· The Plaza Resort. Funny.
· Next trip I'm boycotting the casino, but will try the Pop Up Pizza
· Seriously folks, it's $10
· I am a bit shocked at how they tout the "free phone calls" in this day and age (of cell phones)

Our favorite comment may be related to the Plaza's unfiltered attitude on Facebook that we've taken notice of as well. On one hand we like the anti-corporate feel in hotel's Facebook responses, but on the other that may not be best for business:

As one commenter said it's "only" $10 which may make sense for guests like ourselves that use WiFi. But our fear is once we get used to the ten dollar add-on, it will quickly go up to $15, then $20, $25. Have you weighed in on the resort fee debate yet? Sound off for the first time or the tenth in the comments below!

Archived Comments:

Apparently, Management forgot

that they are in what is known as the "Hospitality" industry. They just seem to do all they can to drive people away, from resort fees to lousy gambling, to tight comps. Baffling.

Returning to the strip for awhile

I've already cancelled my reservation at the Plaza since this announcement and booked a better Flamingo GO Room for less than a basic room at the Plaza.  Getting into the front door of Plaza from Fremont Street is a major obstacle now with that third stage blccking the way, and the number of undesirables seem to be drawn down there even more now. Bye bye Plaza, it's been a fun ten months.