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What Is Venetian Going To Announce On August 7?

July 27, 2012 at 3:47 PM | by | ()

Speculation has been rampant about what the Venetian-slash-Palazzo will do to fill the holes left from the departed Jersey Boys (now at Paris Las Vegas) and the soon-to-leave Blue Man Group and Phantom of the Opera.

We got one of the answers back in May when execs announced the coming of Rock of Ages this December. But, there's been no word on what else may be to come. Well, no official word. There's been tons of printed ink on rumors ranging from a residency by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to the possibility of a second Broadway production. Both Spider-Man and Book of Mormon have been bandied about.

Now, another answer will apparently be revealed on August 7 when press have been invited to listen as property representatives "announce the biggest musical event in the history of The Venetian." We'll be there and will bring you the news that day. In the meantime, what do you think? Any guesses? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Or, keep your identity on the down low and send us your insider tip via email!

(PHOTO: Venetian)

Archived Comments:


OMG...Its gonna be Justin Beiber !!!!!

Triple Cheese with Cheese

The little teases....apparently the hot money is going on The Sound of Music or Rebecca Black.

I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill but....

the Venetian is not the right place for them. I would be down with a Rock of Ages musical though! Also, is Palazzo going to confirm the opening of the raunchy club, The Box, yet?


I don't know about The Box. Rumor is that construction is underway, but no one is saying at peep. Also, there's a rumor that it may not be called The Box as it will be a water-downed version which would totally suck if it's true.