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The Valet at The Cosmopolitan is Robo Chic

July 3, 2012 at 6:18 PM | by | ()

Valet parking is a big deal here in Vegas. We love it because namely it's free (except at the Mandarin Oriental) meaning we can valet park without worrying if we've got an extra $5, $8 or $10 in cash laying around. But while free, it's not always fast, especially during a busy weekend.

Our own East Coast Gambler has been sizing up the valet scene in Vegas for some time now, putting forth his suggestions for Best and Worst as well as if you should valet at all. But here's something that may change his mind -- the robo-valet at The Cosmopolitan.

Simply scan your ticket and, voila, your car will appear outside the glass doors. Ok, give or take five to 10 minutes, again depending on the weekend. Still, we're big fans of anything that eliminates the hassle of waiting in line and minimizes pointless human contact, i.e. handing over a ticket. (New York, New York has a robo-valet, too.) The way we see it, Cosmopolitan can now hire more valet employees to do the parking and the retrieval of cars.

Valet parking isn't the only thing that's automatic at the Cosmo. Remember, you can get hot pink undies in a jiffy from their lobby vending machine as well. Maybe you could even do that while you wait for your car!

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