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Street Vendors Banned From Las Vegas Strip

July 3, 2012 at 7:01 PM | by | ()

You don't have to worry about the safety of buying bottled water from a random stranger on The Strip, anymore. That's because peddlers have been banned from Las Vegas Boulevard.

Earlier today, government officials voted to make "it a misdemeanor for people to stand on sidewalks and sell bottled water, T-shirts and other items to passers-by," according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Unfortunately, the new law won't impact card snappers or those crazy costumed characters (as long as they don't ask for money to go along with that photo). The Las Vegas Sun reports, though, that officials are looking into whether those two groups cause too many bottlenecks and, if so, what could be done about it. (Right now, the issue is freedom of speech.)

Over the years, we've been offered everything from bottled water to CDs from struggling artists on The Strip. What's the craziest thing someone has ever tried to sell you? Tell us down below!

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Archived Comments:

No problems with the Water Sellers

I'd rather keep the street vendors selling water, and get rid of the others.  What's the difference of buying a bottle of water from a 'stranger' on the strip, or from a stranger in a store?  The store being registered isn't an excuse - there are many instances of people being ripped off at legit businesses!


I have never gotten an refilled bottle of water from a store. Just saying.

However it is nice to get a bottle when you need it rather than looking for a store to get one. I normally stay at the Flamingo, walking south I normally get my first water crossing Flamingo Blvd. Gonna miss the "Name Brand" sunglasses vendors though.

Monkey See Monkey Do

It was time to halt this "monkey see, monkey do" vendor craze. I can remember back to about 4 years ago when I noticed my 1st water vendor on the bridge between Excal and NYny and at the time I was thinking that it was nice to see someone become a water seller and leave their panhandling behind. As the years have gone by it has gotten to the point where there are too many water sellers and other vendors veighing for their space on the streets. The City is, of course, thinking about the tax free money the vendors are raking in (among other reasons). Buy a case of water for $3, make a $19 tax free profit. No city license needed. Then you have the casino vendors with low sales and paying their taxes. I just wonder what took the City so long? Is the police force going to be running around writing tickets? I don't see it really happening considering they won't ticket the panhandlers (misdemeanor also). Enforcing this ordinance won't be as simple as passing it. Is the City going to be forking out the dough to post signs or warning the vendors first? Sure wouldn't seem right to see tickets going out to those that have been doing this type of thing for several years without getting a warning first. I doubt they have a clue this ordinance is in effect yet. Ladychatter

Will miss the water vendors

I'd rather see people selling water than just sitting on the sidewalk holding a cardboard sign saying, "Ran out of beer - God Bless!" Besides, we're in the DESERT - I appreciate water for a buck... Get rid of those stupid card clackers. I kinda want to punch them in the face.

The 1st step...

Can the next step be the removal of the time-share parasites?