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Free Total Rewards Tickets Are Back… Kinda

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Earlier this year, there was a rash of casino players clubs cutbacks. It's a trend that no gambler likes to see. In April, Caesars Entertainment took away the pair of free show tickets that they allotted to their two top tiers of Total Rewards players, Diamond and Seven Stars.

These weren't free tickets to their mid-to-top tier shows like Celine Dion or Absinthe. These were free tickets to a handful of their low-tiered shows like the Mac King and Legends in Concert that rarely, if ever, sell out.

Well, Caesars was listening to the gripes about their removal of these free tickets and have partially restored them. According to the Seven Stars Insider newsletter, Caesars has reinstated the "Total Rewards benefit of two free tickets each month for selected Las Vegas casino shows – but only for Seven Stars cardholders, not for Diamonds anymore."

So, now you'll have to drop 6 figures into a slot to gain Seven Stars status to get these two comp tickets that will cost $40 each every month and not "just" the $50,000+ that a Diamond Total Rewards member will play. Instead of gambling more money to gain Seven Stars status for the free show tickets, Diamond Total Rewards members can spend $1,200 or so and just get a pair of tickets to these shows for the year. That's probably a safer bet and one that any level player could do.

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Archived Comments:

Total Rewards Is Sooo Over Rated...

I've been Platinum, Diamond, and back to Platinum again...I think Diamond is highly over rated.

And why even bother with Seven Star. If you can spend that kind of money to get something for fee...just buy it on your own. You...(not your ego) certainly could do much better on your own over the level of treats CET waves under your nose (or doesn't) as the case may be now.

People think they're so special to get something for fee. Truth is, save for comp rooms, CET's treats leave a lot to be desired.

I've never taken a Show ticket from them yet. The seats aren't the best, the Shows aren't the best, and I can do much, much better on my own THANK YOU.

I said screw this Diamond Level after one year. Platimum has always teated me great and save for a rare Friday or Saturday, I haven't paid for a room in years at the RIO.

Think about it...the money it cost you to get something for ?free? just doesn't make sense. If you shop/play smart, you never need to be any higher level than Platinum in the Total Reward system... and that's affordable and easy to maintain over a years time. Get your own damn ticket to LEGENDS...bet you end up with better seats too.

Spend Far More Chasing The Comps

GREGRIO stole some of my thunder, but let's do the math: If you are running $100,000 or more through the slots each year, they are making thousands of dollars a year off of you. At that level, they should not only comp you to Celine, but send someone along to run and get drinks for you during the show.

Add the the general philosophy of playing more to try to obtain the next level up and you have sheer insanity. Is reaching Diamond really going to improve your life? Is it going to "one up" your next door neighbor?

Something I've been preaching forever (and that GREGRIO already hit on) is that you spend far more chasing the comps then they are worth! I'd love to see a study done comparing someone who chases Diamond vs. someone who just plays exactly what they intend on playing (and pays cash for what Diamond would have comped them) and see who comes out ahead. My money is on the person who plays without regard to chasing comps or status.

Chasing Comps (i'm outta breath and money!)

Many years ago when I first starting going to Las Vegas, I had no idea what the term 'comps' was...nor did I fully understand what players club cards were all about.
I could have cared less...I was figuring out what was FUN to play, how long my money lasted, and then there were...THE SHOWS! I was the then and still am today...Shows first/Gaming second.

Now in those days, a five hundred buck bankroll was a lot of money for 3days/4nights. Sometimes I'd come home with nothing, but I also...'sometimes', came home with winnings...THAT WAS COOL!

Then, a year or so into my new found entertainment discovery, I called to book another trip and was told I had 2 FREE nights at the RIO?  How could this be?
While always just playing what I wanted/when I wanted, I quickly learned I had been earning 'points' on this silly little GOLD card I'd been putting in the slot machines and had earned myself a couple free rooms under the Total Rewards system.
Hmmm, that's kinda cool I thought, and so it started.

From then on, I was aware of
'my points' earned, yet continued to just play when I was in the mood and the games I had FUN playing.
Like paying for a Show...while gaming, I was also paying for entertainment.

Playing for points seemed silly. This...'number' I had to earn...by spending/loosing/winning my money to get another free room just seemed silly and I didn't pay attention much. I didn't even bother to check my total points earned at the end of a trip, I just went home...sometimes a winner, most times a looser...BUT I HAD FUN!

Then it happened again, another 2 free rooms the next trip.
During that trip, it was brought to my attention form a 'Change' person, that I was using an 'old' players club card. The one I was using was still the ol' GOLD one, and I should be using a PLATINUM card ???
The folks at the Total Reward booth soon educated me, got my new card, and I continued to have fun.

Now I really liked the RIO. A friend of mine who worked for Blue Cross at the time, was the provider for all the employees under Tony Marnell.
My friend suggested I try the RIO one trip...I did, really liked it, and that's how my relationship with the joint started...been there ever since.

Loyalty to one property is almost as important, if not more, than earning points on the gaming. Regular stays, regular 'play' adds up no matter what your 'point' total is under any given players card system.

If I didn't make my 'numbers' to say PLATINUM at the end of a year, they'd let me slide with the same privileges anyway because I was becoming a 'regular' (4,5 trips a year) and...I'd soon make my PLATINUM level

For me it was easy to earn 1000 points per trip without really trying and...with 4 tips a year, the total 4000 points it took to maintain my PLATINUM level came easy.
I've never considered myself one who plays for points/comps.

I'd earn Show tickets or twofers back in those days too! Problem was, I'd already seen 'their' Shows, the seats weren't that good, and if I was going to sit in a showroom for 90min., I wanted the best seat (for me) possible. I could do better myself, pay the rack rate, and have a much better time! I haven't used one of 'their' Show tickets yet.

So it goes. Save for a rare Friday or Saturday night, I haven't payed for a room at the RIO in years. I'm still PLATINUM, and still playing for FUN.

Shop smart. Try to understand the system as much as you can. Do your homework and be sensitive to loyalty to one property if you can.

Get to know your home hotel/casino employees...your registration folks, your 'Change' people, floor managers, custodians, housekeeping, the folks who sell you coffee in the morning...Security staff. It all adds up in your favor in the long run.

They'll always love our MONEY more than us, but that shouldn't stop you from being friendly, keeping a good attitude and forming a great relationships with the folks who are there to help YOU...have a great time.

I'll always try and help you have a good Show experience by suggesting where to sit by  asking here...or at
You'll find me under 'Shows and Entertainment'

We are the hotel/casinos 'job security' and together you can continue to have great vacations in Las Vegas that are affordable and...FUN!

Comp Tickets

I was just in Vegas and I am a Diamond level and I was able to just get 2 free to see Penn and Teller for just being Diamond. So you do you do not have to be 7 Stars to get the free tickets.


Interesting, I wasn't offered tickets either time I stayed at Rio.

Total rewards

Is it true that to be a platinum player it cost you about $20.000 in casino play, $50.000 to attain Diamond and $500.000 to be Seven Stars.