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Something's Happening at Downtown Grand

Where: 206 North 3rd [map], 89109
July 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM | by | ()

We may not be know just when it will reopen, but this photo is proof that something really is happening at Downtown Grand, formerly Lady Luck.

This photograph was posted Friday on the Facebook page of Fifth Street Gaming (the hotel's parent company) accompanied by two vague simple lines of copy:

Major demolition today at Downtown Grand. This is a major step in the development of Downtown3rd.

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(PHOTO: Fifth Street Gaming on Facebook)

Archived Comments:

RIP Lady Luck

Sorry to hear Lady Luck is dead, but it is great news that something is being done on the site now!


Can you tell us what part of the building is featured in this photo? Just curious.


Good question. I was trying to puzzle it out myself, but think I'm going to need to do a walk by. There weren't any specific details provided as to where this is or what was going on.

Something's happening.......

I was there last week and took a walk by, as I've been skeptical about anything actually happening.  There is certainly a lot of work going on on the Ogden St. block, and i think this picture was taken just behind it where there were big piles of debris being moved around.  They were also working on the bridge in front of the Mob Museum.  

So, yeah, somethings happening there.

The angle

...is from the east side of the building, facing Gold Spike Casino.

Construction work

At time there was construction work under progress