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Do You Miss Real Coin Slots?

August 1, 2012 at 4:06 PM | by | ()

The clanging. The jingling. The search for a bucket that hadn't been used already as an ashtray. That dirty, metallic-y scent on your hands.

Oh, the lost Vegas days where coin slots actually required, you know, coins. And, spit them out, too. Those times are gone, but if you're willing to brave the north Strip, you'll find at least one hold out.

The dive casino, Slots A Fun, has added a whole section of quarter slots to its floor as seen above. Real clank-clank-clank quarter slots that take and give the coins.

Do you wish more casinos offered these old school machines? Or, is there something else that you miss from Vegas' gambling past? Drop us a line and let us know down below!

(PHOTO: Circus Circus on Facebook)

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I can get a little nostalgic for these things from time to time.  But then whenever I play a coin-op machine, I'm reminded why the new way is better.  Handling that many coins over and over is time consuming and just plain filthy.  

Nobody Wants That Filth

If there was a real demand people would play them. Even the coin slots at the D are 99% empty while people play machines that take paper next to em.

Coin in

do they still have coin in slots at the Mermaid casino on Freemont?


I totally miss playing real slots, grimy quarters and black-stained fingers and all. Gonna have to check this out (and the D's ones too. thx @ECG for pointing that out.)

Memory is always better over time

Found a bank of them at Circus Circus once, played just a bit and felt dirty.  True, I was in CC and that is enough to feel dirty, but had the same feeling at El Cortez when I played theirs. We just forget how dirty we used to get playing.

Fun To Go Old School

Sometimes it is fun to play with real coins and hear the "ping-ping-ping" when you win and go to cash out. The fun of scooping up all those quarters makes up for having to wash your hands after you cash them in.

Not So Good Old Days

I miss handling filthy slot coins the way I miss cars of the pre-electronic-ignition days. Back then I loved paying for frequent tune-ups and wondering if the engine would turn over on a cold winter morning. And those bias-ply tires were the bomb!

Love coin slots!!!

This used to be our spot with $1 blackjack for him and beloved coin slots for me. Was disappointed to see all that had changed on our last trip so glad to hear they decided to bring back the coins. Hopefully the live tables will follow so that this joint can once again be packed with normal fun loving non-prissy people

Yes I miss coin slots!

In particular, nickel slots! =)  Are there any of those to be found anywhere?  If so, send me a message!!  A little dirt on my hands is not as harmful as the second-hand smoke I'll inhale while in the casino!  ;)

Still have coins in Jean, NV

You don't have to brave Slots-A-Fun if you have a car just go south on the 15 to the MGM owned Gold Strike Hotel and Casino in Jean, across the highway from where Nevada Landing used to be (if you remember that) they still have the coin operated slots.  If you can get past nursing home and stale smoke smell.