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How Do You Stay Cool in Vegas? (And We're Not Talking About Fedoras)

August 10, 2012 at 7:37 PM | by | ()

It's, pardon our language, hot as balls out right now with an excessive heat warning in place and temperatures expected to reach 112 degrees today. So we gotta ask--how do you stay cool in Vegas?

When it's this hot, you probably won't find us venturing outside much, if at all. Nah, we'd rather kick it at the tables, the bars, in the restaurants, or roaming the shopping malls (preferably the ones inside our casino as we sure as heck ain't walking anywhere.) The pools are rather tempting, especially since so many of them have misters going on so that you don't actually have to get in the water to cool down.

But we once got burned on a daybed at the Venetian when our knee touched a quarter that had been baking in the sun since God knows when. It actually required first aid cream. Ever since then, we've always opted to remain indoors when it gets too hot in Vegas.

Need some help on how to stay cool, here are some VegasChatter suggestions:

· Down a SnoBar popsicle. These are sold at most every Vegas pool scene. It will keep you chill and get you drunk. Win, win!
· Head to one of the vodka bars in town to rub up against a block of ice. You can do that at KGB, Minus 5 or Red Square at Mandalay Bay.
· Get "snowed in" at Caesars Palace's Artic Room at The Qua Spa. Faux snowflakes descend from the ceiling and there's a shaved ice fountain where you can splash ice chips on your face.
· Park it at a penny slot machine. Order drinks from the cocktail servers and just veg out as the casino's AC blasts your hot flashes away.

Share on your tips for keeping cool in comments below! Feel free to share your burn stories too!

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