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The Early Word On Tetsu (From a Corn Loving, Hollerin' Miss Middleton)

Where: 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89158
August 15, 2012 at 3:33 PM | by | ()

Aria's newest restaurant, a 39-seat teppanyaki experience named Javier's Tetsu, has just turned in its first two weeks of operation in the spot formerly occupied by Shaboo. VegasChatter hasn't yet dined but our curiosity got us checking Yelp for early reviews.

When we first checked this weekend, there was a total of one. Another voice has since been added to the mix. Which... beep... booop... beeep....adds up to two. Now, again, tiny Tetsu has been open a whole two weeks and only does dinner so there haven't been hordes of diners to survey yet. Filter from that total the number who have an opinion and care to actually write about it. Two may be about right. But, comparing that to the early Gordon Ramsay reviews that appeared in droves puts an exclamation point on the buzz the Gordo machine had built leading up to its opening.

But back to Tetsu: one two reviews a story doesn't make, right? Usually, no. But, Priscilla G. entertained us enough to want to pass on a few LOLs.

Food credits were Priscilla's motivation to try something new in Tetsu. We like it. If there's any risk a meal is going to suck, it may as well be on someone else's dime. She notes the attire is "dressy-casual" and begs fellow diners to at least wear a nice shirt, people! We, too, often find ourselves wishing people would just wear a shirt so we applaud Priscilla for being specific.

In describing the vibe, "it's not a place that gives you the warm and fuzzies like a log cabin, but it isn't uninviting like the DMV either." Which got us wondering which restaurants do scream log cabin and which DMV? Those may just be our new barometers. Unless she meant one end of the spectrum attracts hockey mask wearing serial killers while the other leaves you wanting to get out so quick that slitting your wrists by take a number paper cuts becomes an attractive option.

As for food, Priscilla's jalapeno calamari was "f.r.e.s.h.". Therefore, keeping two year olds in the dark about its freshness. And, its nakedness since this is "not deep fried-watching-a-sporting-event calamari."

The entree review is best read straight from Priscilla's pen:

For dinner we had 10 ounces of filet minion and I added kale, corn, zucchini and eggplant. The vegetables were cooked first. The kale and corn were delicious. The zucchini and eggplant were really good too, but not as awesome as the corn! I am a biased corn lover though. For you meat lovers, the filet and rib eye are charged by the ounce. If you must know, twelve dolla-make-you-holla for filet and ten for rib. Ten ounces at twelve bucks, you do the math.

Read the rest of corn lover's review to find out why she felt like Kate Middleton and ultimately holla'd Tetsu five stars. For the record, she sets check expectations at ninety dollars per person, not including drinks.

The newest Yelper, Jason W. wasn't as glowing. He describes the food as decent (not great) Teppan style dining without the show.

Have you been to Tetsu yet? Do you plan to? Are you still asking Te-what-who?

[Photo: Yelp]

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