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The People You Find Around The Blackjack Table

August 15, 2012 at 6:00 PM | by | ()

This VegasChatter writer's gambling is pretty broad. Some days, our mood calls penny slots and, some days, it's high limits blackjack.

With a little time off recently, this chatterer played a lot of low ($5) to mid ($15) level blackjack. Generally, we know that the lower the limits, the less knowledgable the blackjack player will be with "the rules" of playing blackjack correctly. Speaking mathematically, another player's actions won't have an effect on the table but the psychology of most players is that the cards will be bad every time someone plays wrong. On this recent trip to various properties, we encountered three types of players:

1. The person that pretty much knew the correct way to play blackjack or was at least consistent with their play.
2. The new players who are still learning how to play but are open to direction from dealers or players.
3. The older person who thought they knew how to play correctly (but didn't) and didn't want help from others.

When gambling lower limits, we're usually gambling for fun. That means lots of drinks, lots of laughs and lots of chit chat. Of course, we want to win. Don't we all? But when it's $5 at stake each hand this writer is really not too concerned with the game and is more concerned with having a good time. The money will last and, if we're having fun, it's just another night out at an awesome bar.

We'd all like to play at a table with people that know how to play the game, but that's not always going to be the case when playing lower limits. In fact, playing $5 blackjack with knowledgable players is probably the exception and not the rule.

In life, it's important to manage expectations. So, when sitting down to play low limits blackjack, we don't expect much from the other players and don't get upset. If someone wants help, we'll gladly share our knowledge. If they don't want it, we won't bother them as long as they don't bother us.

We're more likely to walk away from a low limit blackjack table if someone is a jerk, than if they don't know how to play correctly. How dare you ruin our good time?! Jerk! Whew. That felt better.

So, tell us... do you care who you share a blackjack table with?

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Agree 100%. If you want serious players, play higher limits than the $5 (if you can actually find $5 tables!). I always try to sit last position to try to up the tables advantage. But, the key is, if you don't want to throw your money away, get up and leave after someone has made multiple bad bets and won't take advise. Losing money is one thing, but losing money while having a miserable time is another.

What about this type of player...

The one who (typically between the magic hours of 1am - 3am) will stagger over to your table with his buddies, drop down a single bet in the middle of your winning streak and then leave you with an ice cold table.  

Logically I know that this makes no difference to the cards, but as you described about players making the wrong play, the psychology of it just seems to put a chill on the table.  

Great article!  



I hate that single bet guy! It's always a guy too. Lol


There is plenty of $3 and $5 blackjack downtown!

We found $5 tables at Paris were 6/5, but they did have a couple of $15 tables that paid 3/2 and were dealt from a shoe. The least expensive 3/2 we found anywhere else on the strip was $15. We stayed mid strip.

What I hate

The one I really hate is the grumpy player who bitches about the cards or the dealer or anything else when they lose. If you can't stand losing, why are you playing? This person will kill the positive vibe sooo fast.

The other kind of course, is the person who just stinks. Whether it's cig smoke, sweat, or too damn much perfume, it drives me away in a hurry.


I'm with you on both of those. I've had a good run at the tables recently with respectful smokers. The bars, not so much.

What I Love

Pretty sure anyone who plays Blackjack religiously whenever they are at a casino met this person.

The old psychic Asian lady. Every card she calls out comes out of the shoe. Like if the dealer is at 16 she would yell out 6 and the dealer would get that 6. Love that lady.

Asian BJ Players

I love the Cantonese speaking BJ players up here in Vancouver who scream "monkey" ALL THE TIME.  Pretty hilarious, and there are TON$ of them up here.

As I re-read my post, I realize that the title sounds like porn. Sorry about that.

You forgot a couple

Here are a couple more that I have encountered: the player who, when you are the last player before the dealer and, following correct strategy, you take a card that results in the other player losing, blames you for "not doing the correct thing", and the elderly Asian man who pretty much shouts out strategy at you, then, when you leave, claims that he brought you good luck and you should tip him.