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Are We Looking At A Safer Strip Soon?

August 16, 2012 at 4:31 PM | by | ()

There is a lot of action on The Strip right now. Construction may not be on luxury properties like The Cosmopolitan, but the Vegas Strip is changing. Again. That's part of what we love about Vegas. And, one by-product of this new construction may be a safer Strip.

Looking only at the east side of The Strip we have Caesars Entertainment doing major construction on The Linq right now with the Bally's Grand Bazaar coming in the future, too. All of this construction may make for a slow, tight walk down The Strip today, but in the future will all of this work to make The Strip safer?

Bally's Grand Bazaar seems as if it will create more activity in a relative dead space on The Strip. The Grand Bazaar will divert some of the traffic around the tourist trap hotspot where cartoon mascots pose for pictures, porn slappers peddle escorts, three card monte games take tourist money and homeless people simply hang out. The Linq will generate even more activity a little north.

While it may seem as if these people are in high traffic areas, it's because they're creating the traffic in some of the wider spaces, like the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard. It seems as if Caesars may unintentionally be doing more for safety on The Strip than the police officers on Vegas Strip cop shows.

If this does actually make The Strip a little safer, these new projects will also allow law enforcement to keep a closer eye on the overpasses which are a potential place for crime. Whatever the case, a safer Strip is a fun-er Strip and we can't wait!

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I predict a bonanza for pickpockets in these new areas. It sounds like these areas will have people shoulder-to-shoulder.
I will miss having a little breathing room around Bally's. We always liked the little garden areas with the benches.