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The Delano Is Coming, And So Is The Price Hike

August 27, 2012 at 1:33 PM | by | ()

The Delano will bring a Miami vibe to The Strip late next year when it takes over THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. It also will bring Delano pricing.

USA Today reports that THEhotel is bringing in "an average daily rate of about $189 a night," but quotes an executive as saying "improvements to the hotel should bring higher rates." A comparison rate check of Delano South Beach shows the resort commands an average rates of around $349 a night. Will the Vegas rate be similar? We'll need to wait and see, but at least we know where things could be heading.

(Side note: Delano South Beach offers Florida residents a 15 percent discount so Nevada residents could look forward to the same savings.)

Another interesting tidbit revealed by USA Today is that Mandalay Bay is looking to lure "a younger clientele" with the addition of the Delano, "one that demands a newfangled, edgier type of luxury." Not shocking by any means, but a sign that it will soon be a whole new Mandalay Bay.

Are you excited for the Delano? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

Archived Comments:

Just reinforces....

......my decision to not stay on the strip anymore. Our trip 2 weeks ago, staying at South Point...excellent! Nice room, much quieter, all around a great choice. The M or Red Rocks next time.

No Way

They are dreaming if they believe that they will get Miami prices here. South Florida is a whole different market. Delano Miami sits on the beach. I love our Strip, but it isn't a beach.

So they want to compete with Cosmo and bring in a bunch of people who don't gamble. How big is that market, and even with high hotel rates and bottle service, what are the profits compared to table and slot wins?

Just asking...

NOT excited

I posted earlier that I was going to miss THE hotel and I'm still not looking forward to the change.  I will say that I just received an email last week that was promoting discounted rates going through Feb, 2013. It didn't mention the change of name/ownership so I guess the change over isn't until March.  I'm already booked for the end of November, hope to go again in January or Feb before its gone for good.


I think the goal is to change it officially into Delano by December 2013. Room renovations will begin next summer.

not for me

I always wanted to stay at THE Hotel, but seems like I will never get the chance. I wont be staying at Delano either.

I stand corrected

I checked my offer, it has discounted rates through the end of May (must book by 9/1).  I am happy that I will be to visit once again next year.