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Kick Up Some Dust Outside of Vegas

August 30, 2012 at 5:57 PM | by | ()

Last week, we toured you through the wonders of Hoover Dam, but we know some of you were sitting there saying, ďAlright, that was fun but I came to Vegas for a thrill." Well, it just so happens that we've got something to wet your whistle!

How about kickiní up clouds of dust as you tear up the desert on a full-throttled ATV?! After taking a spin through the desert on one of these bad boys, you will forget all about spending the night sleeping in the bathtub! This is, quite honestly, the most fun you will have and will be one of your Vegas highlights, for sure. Itís a great way to get out and see the desert combined with a little octane adrenaline boost.

Most of the companies that offer the ATV tours do so in the Valley of Fire area, however, you can find a few that will take you to the Eldorado Canyon Mine and other areas. The tour we took was in Valley of Fire which is about a 40-minute ride from The Strip. The ride there can be a little long, but we enjoyed it by conversing with the other adventure seekers and sharing embarrassing tales of ďlast nightĒ which proved both interesting and hilarious.

This was our first time riding one of these metal contraptions and it was a little nerve racking. But, about five minutes in, youíll feel like an all-star! Donít worry, most tours have an experienced group and a novice/rookie group so you can choose your liking.

The one thing missing? There wasn't much time to just drive about and explore on our own while testing the limits of these machines and having some fun. That can be solved, however, as we found a tour group (Sin City ATV Rentals) that lets you do a self-guided tour which could be more to your style if you just want to test out the trails. The guides donít explain much to you, anyway, as you are moving pretty quickly and ATVs arenít the quietest horse in the stable.

The tours do provide a bagged lunch -- which was actually surprisingly tasty -- along with unlimited bottled water. The prices arenít cheap, ranging from $120-$160 plus taxes at most outfits we checked out. The best deals are found when you get lucky and come across a Groupon or other 'insert deal website hereí when you can get a tour for as low as $85 which is a steal considering the great time it provides.

Most importantly, ensure that you have sunscreen on BEFORE you go as you will quickly find out once you arrive and start moving that it gets incredibly dusty. If you try to apply halfway through the tour, it will end up as a red concrete-type mixture that you will surely regret for the rest of the day! Adding to that point, wear some clothing that you donít particularly care about or donít intend on wearing again during your trip as you WILL be completely covered in dust when youíre finished.

But, donít let a little dust scare you. On the way home, you will be bragging about that awesome 360 no one saw you do. The best part is that the tours are usually half day and start in the morning so you have the whole afternoon back on The Strip to play catchup enjoy yourself. You have nothing to lose, so get out, enjoy the desert and pack in a little adventure you will not forget!

[Photos: SinCityATVrentals.com]

Archived Comments:

Seriously great time

I did a Valley of Fire ATV tour a couple of years ago, and it was a fantastic experience.  Like was mentioned above, it's a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

Sounds Fun!

Coincidence..I saw a Groupon about a month ago and wondered whether to try an ATV tour.

I was in Vegas a couple of weeks back, but thought it would be too hot out in the desert on an ATV in August?

Definitely plan to do it in October or May though - any suggestions on good companies to check out?

I assume that the deals include providing the ATV and a helmet, but do you also get gloves/goggles?

Do they include or offer insurance - I'm guessing that my travel insurance policy won't cover 'tearing around a desert on an ATV'...?

Editor's Note

FYI, you need to be at least 16 years old to take an ATV tour.

Writers reply to Lord Lucan

I went in both October and April with no issues around heat...although it might be a little hot in the summer months. I have been with Adreniline twice and enjoyed the tours, however as mentioned above sin city atv rentals lets you explore on your own. I will be trying them next!

 The packages do include helmets and  goggles but I don't think there are any gloves. I don't know about insurance you might want to check that....as it likely varies by company, policy, package. But if it makes you feel any better there were no issues on our rides!

I hope you enjoy it when you go!


Thanks jproz

I think I'll probably try a guided tour first, will check out the Adreniline web site.

I've got a motorbike licence so I'm not unduly worried about hiring an ATV (or the safety aspect), but I've checked my travel insurance and it specifically says that 'riding ATV's is not covered' so I'll have to take out some additional cover.

Looking forward to getting covered in desert sand, next time I'm in Vegas!