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Now You Can Watch 'The Chippendales' From The Comfort Of Your Home

August 31, 2012 at 12:27 PM | by | ()

Sorry, horny ladies and men, if we teased you with that headline. We don't mean that Chippendales dancers are now available for in-home rentals. However, you will get to see at least two hunky male dancers on your TV every Sunday night thanks to the "Amazing Race" reality show.

VegasDeluxe got a little hot and bothered when discussing the publicity photo for the two Vegas dancers -- Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis (Yes, Jaymes and James!) --

CBS has released the new cast photo and the official race photo of Vaughan and Davis in trademark Chippendales cuffs and collars -- and shirtless, thankfully -- plus, official race back packs and matching khakis and cross-training shoes.

No word on whether the Chippendales cuffs and collars will stay on during the zany adventures for the boys, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. Now, the only question is -- where do we stuff the $1 bills?

Season 21 of "The Amazing Race" will premiere on CBS on September 30. We trust that Mr. Pappagiorgio will have the Monday morning recaps for you lusty readers.

In the meantime, Chippendales show tickets at The Rio start at $60 a pop. Given that the show has probably already wrapped filming, there's a good chance you may catch Jaymes and James on stage.

[Photo: CBS]

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Fun guys

I have seen their witty video blogs on Facebook and have watched Mr. Vaughan several times at the Rio Show In The Sky.  He donates his time and energy to charities and is kind and friendly to his fans.  They should make a very entertaining team, whether or not they win.  Rarely do you see such busy people  handle themselves in public with this level of grace, energy, and sense of fun.  Congratulations to them both.