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Changes Are Coming to MLife

August 6, 2012 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

MLife is changing their players club on October 1 and, of course, it will remain a little confusing. Like with all players club changes, MLife says the changes are to make your experience better. While there is some good information presented, changes to players clubs are rarely for the good of the player. Here are the some details:

The rolling expiration date for tiers and Tier Credits will be replaced with one set expiration date per year - October 1. If you advance to a higher tier before that date, you'll enjoy those tier benefits for at least a year!

The higher your tier, the more points and Express Comps you will earn at all M life destinations. We have broken it down by the percentage of Bonus Points and Express Comps you earn as you reach each new Tier Level:
• Pearl - 10% Bonus
• Gold - 20% Bonus
• Platinum - 30% Bonus
• NOIR - 40% Bonus

You'll still earn 10 tier credits for every base point earned at M life destinations in Las Vegas, 2 tier credits for every base point earned at Beau Rivage or Gold Strike Tunica, and 1 tier credit for every base point earned at MGM Grand Detroit.

Continue to use Express Comps at M life destinations for hotel, dining, and entertainment - or save them for an exclusive M life Moment. Express Comps earning will be limited to $5,000. NOIR members may earn up to $10,000 in Express Comps. NOIR advancement will be by invitation.

Look for more about these exciting changes in future M life communications. Thank you for being part of M life, and for giving us your valuable feedback.

Here's how positively MLife compares themselves to other players clubs in Vegas:

Now, on to our least favorite part of players club changes, but where the info is usually lost on most. The math. Thankfully, someone on the Vegas TripAdvisor forum helped us along:

Here's the math. I'm leaving out the tier bonus, because I think it was about the same.

Under the old system, $3,000 in coin in would give you 1,500 points. That turned into $15 in freeplay and $30 in Express comps, so your total reward was $45. Under this system, the $3,000 in coin in will give you 1,000 points. That will result in $10 of freeplay and $10 in Express comps for a total of $20, a reduction of $25.

In addition, it will require you to play more to maintain your tier level. Platinum requires that you have 200,000 tier credits. At 10 tier credits per point, you need 20,000 points. Under the current system, you need $40,000 coin in to make platinum. Under the new system, you will need $60,000 coin in to make platinum. If you are a player who had just enough points to make Platinum under the current system, you will lose the Platinum bonus unless you dramatically increase the amount you play. The $40,000 coin in that made you Platinum before will only get you 133,333 tier credits under the new system.

Another way of looking at it is to look at how much it costs the player who just made Platinum with $40,000 coin in. That individual would have received $200 in slot play and $400 in express comps, or $600 total. Under this system, that player will get $133 in slot play and $133 in Express comps for a total of $266, a difference of $334. Doesn't sound like a very good deal to me.

Many people liked having the rolling expiration date for their credits because that allowed more flexibility in their travels. This change will freak a lot of people out since October is right around the corner, but in truth it only makes MLife more similar to Total Rewards.

For better or worse, MLife has taken on a "rich get richer" reward system where the more you play at MGM properties the more comp points you earn. This is similar to Club Grazie. The real negative to this change is that many players will see less of a return for what they play than they used to.

Stay tuned for more "As The Players Club Turns"...

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Archived Comments:

yes, confusing

so basically if you went to Vegas back in June and earned enough points to reach Gold but then you won't return until next June or later, do you lose all points on October 1 or are you still Gold until the next year (Sept 30, 2013)?


I think they'll allow you to keep through next year, but I'm really not sure. Sorry.

I'm as confused as most people and since I rarely gamble at MLife casinos, I don't have the instinct like I do with TR or Grazie.


well that figures. After years of being loyal to MGM properties, I made Platinum, barely, in July and now i'll lose it, you can never win.

Mark B

Just got back from Vegas last week, and had $85 in Express comps.  Guess we'll lose those October 1st.  Thanks for letting us know, MGM...

M life changes and your account

Hi there nonsense, we wanted to come on and clear this up a bit.  If you are currently a Platinum member, you will keep that membership until October 2013.  If you'd like, you can email facebook@mlife.com with your account number and we can tell you exactly how the changes on Oct. 1 will impact your account.

Hope that helps!

- M life Social

Express Comps


Your Express Comps and FREEPLAY will not change on October 1, 2012.  You will maintain them as long as you play within 12 months.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

- M life Social

M life clarification


Your tier credits will reset on Oct. 1, 2012.  If you were a Gold member, you will maintain that membership until Sept. 30, 2013. Any tier credits you earn between Oct. 1 and Sept. 30 will set your tier for the following year.  

We are always happy to help answer any questions.  Feel free to email us at facebook@mlife.com with your account number!

- M life Social


Thanks for clarifying. There seems to be a lot of confusion on the interwebs.

A sad affair indeed

My wife and I have been loyal MLIFE members for several years. In 2 years we
reached our goal of becoming Platinum Members. We truly felt like we, as loyal
and proud Platinum Card members of some of the most elite hotel/casinos in the
world, we would be treated as such.  Now in the blink of an eye it has all been
taken from us. When I enter Bellagio, MGM, Mirage, etc I don't see only the
rich there. I see mostly average people spending lots of money and having a great
time. So I ask why not treat these people as you have in the past or do you feel
that the "Whales" alone are enough to keep your properties afloat.  If it were me
I'd think twice before cutting off my lifeline. Does it really hurt to make your
 customers feel appreciated instead of alienated? After this I will find it hard to
feel welcome in your properties any longer and that`s sad. I used to feel
appreciated by spending $10,000  each visit but not any longer.


My wife and I visit Las Vegas (from Canada) 4-6 times per year and always stay at The Mirage. We earned Platinum pretty quickly (Noir is probably a bit of a stretch) and the benefits are quite fair in my opinion.  I just called MLife customer service (it's Sunday by the way) and a reall nice lady confirmed that my Platinum status is good until September 30th 2013 regardless of my play between now and then. When I accumulate 200,000 tier credits by October 1st, I get it again for another year.  Pretty good service if you ask me, and that's in addition to the room comps, free play and express comps.

Advice:  try to use all your express comps before each check out. I gave found the hosts quite generous when it comes to "rounding up" express comps at check out, and ALWAYS charge everything to your room. Even at other MGM properties.  Drinks, dinners, admission fees, sundries, etc.  Always!  They can't comp it if you already paid cash.

Here is a Sure Bet

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