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Finally! Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Engagement Confirmed For Venetian

August 7, 2012 at 6:55 PM | by | ()

Don't call it a residency. It's a "moment in time."

In a town that can't keep a secret, news that country legends Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be appearing at the Venetian this winter was so old, the much-hyped announcement proved appropriately anti-climactic. But, for the Venetian this is a very big deal. And, you've never seen so many executives in suits, all trotted out to welcome the duo. We swear we saw the assistant to the traveling secretary. Press from all over the country flew in to witness a happily married couple with three kids announce that their super-spectacular series of Vegas concerts was built around their children's school schedule. This wasn't Marilyn Manson announcing a series of gigs with Rob Zombie.

For the loyal legions of fans of these multi-Grammy, multi, multi platinum-selling performers this is reason for celebration. In essence, you will have 40 chances to see three concerts rolled into one. Faith and Tim performing on stage solo and, more importantly, in their "Soul2Soul" duet mode. Loaded with hits, it's the show fans have been hoping for. And, the resort believes it merits the hyperbole of “the biggest musical event in the history of The Venetian.”

Shows start on December 7 and continue for 10 weekends through April 2013.

In the works since July of 2011, the Venetian pitched the concept to the singers. And, their total willingness for flexibility was a main drawing point to bring the couple to Vegas. Just don't expect them to integrate themselves into the city scene. The pair won't be seen hanging with Carrot Top or chilling at the Peppermill. Nope, they describe their plan of attack as parachuting into Vegas for the concerts and then jetting back to their home life. Not quite the outlaw lifestyle of Merle Haggard who McGraw professed to hero worship to this room and the thousands of Internet watchers who were able to witness the event streamed live through the couple's websites and via Venetian's Facebook presence.

Tim McGraw prevents a possible wardrobe malfunction by his wife. No, really.

The Phantom Venetian Theatre capacity is 1,815 seats, which compares with the 50 to 60 thousand seat arenas the pair usually sell out. Yep. That's McGraw's numbers. They both called this room an "intimate environment." McGraw also described the show design integrating with the "beautiful setting," but will be "very cutting edge... with cool stuff." We think that is code for easily removable video screens. Asked about the chance that this series of concerts will be renewed, that's when they dropped the "moment in time" description. Again, it revolves around other tours, recording and those three kids. Awwwww.

The view of this "intimate setting" from the stage.

Faith and Tim are part of a country armada invading Las Vegas, joining Garth Brooks at Wynn and, also debuting in December, Shania Twain at Caesars. When asked to comment about the country influx, Faith hedged and called her colleagues "great ambassadors" for the country scene. It's just like the U.N., folks. The odds of these Venetian concerts selling out in about a millisecond seems likely so here are the details. We quote them direct:

"Members of The Venetian’s loyalty program, Grazie, as well as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s official fan communities and Clear Channel subscribers will be able to purchase advance tickets through the pre-sale starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 8 at 10 a.m.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, August 13 at 10 a.m. Performances are scheduled for 8 and 10:30 p.m. on December 7, 8; 14, 15; January 18, 19, 25, 26, 2013; February 1, 2, 15, 16, 22, 23, March 1, 2; April 12, 13, 26 and 27."

Phew! Got that? Well, just as we got you all hot and bothered, here's the bad news. The prices. Yes, there is a price for intimacy, even in this town. Start saving your pennies, because it looks like getting real close to this couple will cost you up to a cool grand. And, that does not include a 'meet and greet!'

Good luck to all prospective ticket purchasers. Let us know how you got on.

"Ticket prices are $95.50, $175.50 and $255.50 and $295.50 inclusive of tax. A limited number of VIP Packages –- including preferred seating in the first two rows, a complimentary pre-fixe dinner at a select resort restaurant, two complimentary drinks at the show, a merchandise credit and more – will be available for $1,000, inclusive of tax".

We broke the news yesterday about the musical Rock of Ages also occupying this space come December. We don't know how this all works together with these 40 concerts.

Faith and Tim were honest enough to admit much is still in the planning mode for their stage design. But, changes are already afoot for the venue. On our arrival we noted the minty new Venetian Theatre sign out front. For all those passionate Phantom fans, piece by piece the dream is disappearing. As one fan base falls aside, another will now take its place.

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Archived Comments:

Yep, It's all clear as mud now!

Ya know, sometimes I feel like Vinnie Barbarino. For those too young to remember, John Travolta played that character in the ol' TV Show, 'Welcome Back Kotter'. Vinnie would hold his head and proclaim...

After reading another thread here on VEGAS CHATTER this morning...
'Dude! Rock Of Ages To Replace Phantom Of The Opera'
I came away with the idea it would be in the Phantom Theatre. Awwww, silly me.

Now, it sounds like Tim and Faith might be thinning down our bankrolls in that room...or the Blue Man showroom or...the empty Jersey Boys theater...

Then came thoughts from Robin Leach...the gist of went something like this...
The Venetian can present Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concerts in either it's Phantom or Blue Man Group theaters.
The currently vacant Jersey Boys theater could be used until Rock Of Ages makes it home along side the Venetain in December...

Could this be the start of 'Show Floating'?  A senario where the Shows just float around per which ever room is available per the artists schedules?

"No sir, I'm sorry...Rock Of Ages is in this showroom tonight, Tim and Faith had a birthday party to attend for one of their kids and will fly in later and use the Palazzo showroom...but only for one night before switching into the Blue Man Theater while Spider-Man starts in the Phantom Theater and Rock Of Ages moves into the Jersey Boys showroom or......would you rather exchange your ticket for Book Of Mormon that might show up...mmmmmm somewhere. They're in the middle of flipping for showrooms right now with Priscilla Queen Of The Desert but we should be able to sell you and overpriced ticket to something...

(hands slowly moving toward my melon)

Why confused?

Robin believed the first performance for Tim and Faith was scheduled for November, prior to "Rock of Ages" opening. His comments were based on that line of information. Which has since changed.
At the press conference today, no comment was made about switching rooms. And Tim and Faith repeatedly expressed delight in playing the formerly Phantom Theatre, now Venetian Theatre. Home, as I state in both articles, of the forthcoming musical, "Rock of Ages."
But if that all changes, we'll let you know.
No need to over think this stuff.    


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