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To Find The Linq, Just Look For A Sign

August 8, 2012 at 6:19 PM | by | ()

And, today on the Strip's most awesome construction cam...

Learning from CityCenter's no signage oops, The Linq is making sure everyone will know just what they are walking or driving by.

Government officials have approved The Linq's plan to erect a free-standing marquee on the Vegas Strip. The 130-foot-tall sign will feature a three-sided "wedge" configuration that will face north, south and east. For your inner geek, here's all the specifics:

The LED sign will be on a 20 foot high, 96 square foot, oblong base with an apolic (composite epoxy aluminum) "skin." A 12 foot high, high resolution LED "wrap" display will surround the base. Inter-illuminated channel letters (The LINQ) with white LED's will be above the "wrap."

Plans were also approved for a 20,500 square foot "wall/wrap sign" on the Flamingo parking garage. And, more interestingly, for a 6,800 square foot "animated roof sign" for the Imperial Palace as well as a 68,000 square foot "wall/wrap around the tower."

And, yes, they still referred to it as the IP on the zoning commission agenda. Darn it.

(PHOTO: www.caesars.com/thelinq)

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How about an IN 'N OUT BURGER joint too!