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About That Two Million Dollar Jackpot Slot That's Due To Hit Soon

August 9, 2012 at 7:15 PM | by | ()

Did you hear about that unique, singular, one-of-a-kind slot machine with a two million dollar jackpot that's ready to pay out? No? We hadn't, either. Not until VegasChattter contributor Denver Gambler mentioned the "Lion's Share" progressive machine in a report on MGM.

See, like legends of white whales (or white rhinos or progressive payouts), there's a spectral and mythic legend surrounding something known only to a very select few. With a past shrouded in mystery and rumor. And, since we're not totally clear on all the facts we're going to give you some basic truths to go along with a handy guide to those possibly tall tales. It'll give you something to help pad out those wild stories when you arrive home and describe how you almost became an instant millionaire. "I was thhhhhisssss cllloooossssse." Probably helps if you do the matching gesture. You know, holding your fingers together.

Basic facts: Around 1995, MGM created a bank of slot machines linked to each other to accumulate a large jackpot. A progressive payout. It was exclusive to MGM and not part of any other property. (Lions, you see.) Over time, the other machines dropped away, leaving only one. However, a curious gaming regulation prohibits the machine from being removed until the progressive jackpot actually hits. So, its been accumulating ever since. And, this morning, the jackpot stood at $2,2743,887 (and change). And, is still growing. Worth gambling a couple of bucks, right?

Well, you actually need $3 to play for the millions. And, it's a single line winner. No multi-line action here. One button push -- one chance. And, if you cash out, there's no ticket. And, no cash dropping into the hopper. You'll need to be hand paid by an attendant. Real old school. And, that leads us to the important matter at hand, if you win the two million, MGM will hand pay you in one lump check. No payouts over time like other progressive wins. Yay.

The machine is located by the high limit slots, across from Grand Wok. We thought about what we could do with couple of mil, headed over there and dropped a lucky $9000,$900, $9. And look-see, we won almost $30. Thisss clooooosssee.

Now, to the rumors. Maybe facts. It's a slot machine, folks. Let's not get too nit-picky over this.

If you win, you get to keep the machine. The whole machine.

It's very loose.

It's very tight.

They keep moving it. (Best to ask their friendly staffers. They know exactly where it is.)

MGM desperately wants it to payout so they can remove it.

MGM desperately wants it to not payout.. so they can keep it.

It hates certain dollar bills. (This is fact. We tried six different five dollar bills and all were rejected. Singles went in fine. Online reports suggest the machine is finicky about other denominations, too.)

It's been over fifteen years. It's going to hit soon.

If we are ever loitering around this area, it'll be our go-to machine from now on. And, if you are intrigued, play the machine, hit those three lion heads and win big, just remember your good ol' pals who put you wise. Right, gang?

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Internet Sensation

Five Hundy has had people calling in from this thing for years, and it has been a topic of conversation across the internet.

My guess is that MGM has set it super-tight. The longer it is there, the more buzz gets out about it and the more people feel they have to try it. Kind of the way Sigma Derby became and internet buzz to the extent that The D went out and refurbished one for their property.

MGM is probably going to milk this for as long as they can, and people are so eager to play it and be part of the legend that getting some kind of win is secondary.

It will be quite the press story when it hits. But as little as Megabucks hits with all the people statewide playing it, we could be looking at decades here. (Famous last words).


It only takes one pull or push of the magic button!
History will be made.


We are headed to Vegas on Thursday evening.  Any update on if they moved the machine from the spot by the Grand Wok?

Same spot as of Labor Day Weekend

I won $80 and decided that it was going to be the closest I'd get to the $2.2mil!


Thanks for sharing this tutorial.