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Tasted: Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken at Blondies

Where: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
September 10, 2012 at 3:17 PM | by | ()

We knew the kickoff of the NFL season was going to take us a casino.. but which? After reading that our favorite non-sportsbook place to watch the games on The Strip was serving Flavor Flav's fried chicken we had the answer. Off to Blondies at Planet Hollywood we went!

Week one of the NFL season is, obviously, a little busier than most Sundays so Blondies imposed a minimum per person. But, at $25, it wasn't a big deal. That's only a few drinks or almost the cost of a plate of fried chicken.

Our plate of Flavor Flav's fried chicken cost $18 for three pieces and two sides. Most dishes at Blondies are under $10-$15 so this was a little more expensive, but we were on a mission and had to have this chicken. The plate includes one breast, one thigh and one leg with two sides. We chose steak fries and sweet potato fries because they are easy to share.

The chicken was juicy and had a nice little kick to it. It reminded this writer of a recipe that a friend of his mother from South Carolina used to make when he was a kid. One of the best things about the chicken it that it was lightly breaded and not greasy at all. On its own, the chicken was good, but along with the decent fries, a few beers and almost a hundred TVs with football and we were in a happy place.

The food isn't what brings people to Blondies, it's the sports on TV, beer pong, cheap beer and maybe the waitresses in cheerleader outfits. Since Blondies isn't a place that people visit for a meal as much as everything else, this plate of Flavor Flav's fried chicken with 2 sides of fries completed our day nicely. And, it was just enough for three people to share and snack on for a little while without getting full or slowing down.

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