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Tropicana Folds Poker Room

September 11, 2012 at 11:33 AM | by | ()

Seeing is not believing.

On its website, Tropicana proudly boasts its new poker room as the city's best, but that's not enough to keep it open.

Pokerati reports that the seemingly almost always dead room will fold today. Instead, the space will be used for slot tourneys. Before that can happen, though, Trop has $16,000 in remaining jackpot money to hand out by law. And, it will happen today, according to the popular poker site:

The plan is for two $1,000 drawings per hour from 10am-4pm. (Subject to change, but still, it’s money they must somehow give away.)

If you recall, Trop's rebranding of the room as Jamie Gold's flopped earlier this year. Insert zinger about other failed Trop offerings here.

(PHOTO: TropLV.com)

Archived Comments:

Poker Just a Fad?

I don't understand this.

Do you think that the poker rooms are just too unprofitable or that people don't want to play? Maybe the buy in is too much to risk for the causal player?


A fad doesn't last on TV for over 10 years and make billions of dollars. :)

Poker rooms aren't very profitable for casinos, but they do draw plenty of gamblers. Note the $10 mm Sands poker room.

Poker players are smarter gamblers than most on the strip so they don't get sucked into the more profitable games like 3 card poker, etc. so there really isn't much to be made for a fringe poker room.

You may notice that the best paying blackjack games are also at some of the casinos with the best poker rooms. That can't be coincidence.

Gotta love their honesty

The tagline in the picture above, "Surprise, everything is new!" can be used over and over again at Tropicana, since their offerings seem to close/reopen/close again in a matter of weeks or months.  


What will they do with their old poker tables?? They look cool :)