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Vegas With Kids: Yes Or No?

September 11, 2012 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

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Vegas with kids. Should you or shouldn't you?

It's the question people just can't stop asking. A query that usually sparks a round of 'why in the heck would you want to do that' responses. But, a topic that parents typically want to crowdsource some approval on when it comes to taking the littles. Or, justify a decision to leave 'em.

While some do come to Vegas with kids, many other visitors feel they should be left at home, pointing out that it's called Sin City for a reason and it's no place for a child. (Even if the trashy trash of card snappers isn't everywhere, anymore.) For those that do decide to take a Vegas vacation with children there are quite a few kid-friendly experiences to enjoy so it's not like they'd be on the slots (unless you put them there). So, what's a confused parent to do? VegasChatter fan and dad of two, Dr. Kildare, is the latest parent that wants to hear from you:

It's that time of year again when I'm planing my next Vegas trip.

However this time I'm considering a trip with my wife and 2 kids (age 4 & 7) and need some help with the following questions to make a final decision.

The unanswered questions for me is firstly if you or your VegasChatter readers would recommend bringing the kids all the way from Ireland to Vegas, is Vegas suitable for kids of this age in terms of things to do for 4 days and are the logistics of getting around the strip & casinos with kids possible/difficult, where would you recommend staying in Vegas for a family, and are there any well known/recommended babysitting facilities available we could use in Vegas at night.

We'll leave the recommendations on whether they should or shouldn't do Vegas with kids to you, dear reader. Make your case in the comments below.

For advice on where to stay, we'd, personally, seek out the city's "boutique" hotels for the non-gaming (and, usually non-smoking) experiences they offer and, more importantly, the mini-kitchens in your suite. Consider places like the Signature at MGM Grand, Vdara, Marriott's Grand Chateau, and others. Since they're a bit off the beaten path, a rental car would probably be best for getting around. But, we'd probably recommend that, anyway, regardless.

When it comes to babysitting facilities, there are no on-Strip 'facilities,' per se. But, some businesses will send staff to your room. The Las Vegas Review Journal recently wrote an article on Artsy Nannies whom do just that. When the article was published in July, they were charging "$35 an hour for a three-hour minimum" for up to three tykes.

Off Strip, all the Station Casinos offer Kids Quest which will watch your mini-me(s) while you gamble, take in a movie, or grab a bite. The contingent being you have to stay on property. Rates range from $7.50 to $9 an hour and all the staff are trained in CPR and first aid. They'll watch littles ranging in age from six weeks to 12 years of age.

But, of course, research here is key. Make sure you vet any business throughly before handing over the kids!

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Archived Comments:

From Judith G. on Facebook

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! It's an 'Adult Getaway'-take them to Disney World or Disneyland"

From Renee M. on Facebook

"No, No, No....NO! Sure there is fun things for kids to do there but it is directed towards adults..nothing worse than walking through your favorite casino with a few drinks and hearing a child cry or seeing parents dragging their tired children around late at night. You won't see my 3 going there with me until they are adults"

From Mickey N. on Facebook

"NO Indeed Who want there kids to land up with a bunch of scumbags handing their kids a bunch of flickers!!!!!"

From Nikki M. on Facebook

" I don't have kids, but I wouldn't take mine if I did nor do I want to see other people being pushed around in strollers or past smut peddlers at 3am. Uggh Disneyland for sure."

From Denise H. on Facebook

"No. Not. Nope. Never. No."

From Ashley L. on Facebook

"NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Of course the casinos have to have things for kids to do or us adults would only have half the fun lol and kids live there but AHH shoping and touring around and having to watch out for kids that the families have left hanging around so they can gamble sucks. But still had fun!"

From Matthew K. on Facebook

"Absolutely not! The sidewalks are clogged enough as it is!"

From Kris L. on Facebook

"No makes my pool time not as enjoyable"

From John Z. on Facebook

"only in some areas-not in casinos"

From Karen K. on Facebook

"NO! Plus it makes the plane ride aweful also!"

From Tim K. on Facebook

"No, I repeat, NO. Vegas is for me and the rest of the adult world. Walt Disney World is for kids. I stay away from there. Kids should stay away from Vegas. I will be in Vegas for my yearly vacation NEXT WEEK. Santana, Hall and Oates and David Spade on my agenda. Plus the new Mob Museum. Buffets are also in order. YIPPEE!!!!"

From Julie D. on Facebook

"Have fun with them in the daytime, but for goodness sakes, please put them to bed at a reasonable hour at night!"

From Audra S. on Facebook

"NO!!!! When I see a parent pushing a kid in a stroller at midnight down the strip it ticks me off. Tim above said it best: WDW is for kids. Vegas is for adults. Period."

From Kristi M. on Facebook

"Nooooooo! Nothing I hate more than to see parents strolling their young children around at 2am on the strip. Thre is absolutely no reason to be there unless you are 21."

From Lee O. on Facebook

"in the paast, I've seen people think they are hiding off in a corner area, playing slots with a kid on their lap....do they NOT realize the casino can get shut down for this. I've had to get security, point it out, then threaten to call NGC and report the casino. who wants to sit near a slot machine with a whiney brat????"

From Dave E. on Facebook

"My kids, 9 and 13, love Las Vegas. The Vegas PowerPass, the AdventureDome, The Stratosphere, The indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks, and even the Speedway area offers so much to see and do. If you go there looking for smut leave em home but if your vacation doesn't revolve around drinking, gambling, and sex then theirs won't either."


Why is the same avatar showing up for every single response yet each response is from a different person?

My answer to the question is No as well. Vegas is a get away from my kids.  I love them but parents need a break every once in a while.

Many Vegas places are 21 only, but still see kids.

 If your vacation doesn't include drinking, and gambling, then why go to Vegas?

 There are thousands of places where you can take kids to go go-karting, and on amusement rides. They're all targetted towards them too.

 As far as I'm concerned, people who take their young children to Las Vegas, should have children's protective services called, to take their kids away.





If this is going to be the only stop when visiting the states then and you require a baby sitting service, probably not a good idea. Having said that I did bring my 7 year old to vegas last year to see the closing of the lion king, it was also around Christmas time and the whole family came, so grandma was able to stay with her in the evening, and it was only for 2 days. Consider vegaschatter choices or for a more budget friendly option Tuscany off the strip.

Selfish parents

Selfish parents take their kids to Vegas, claim it's all about the kids, that their kids are well-behaved and never go to inappropriate areas. Blah blah blah.  Yet the casinos are dripping with kids, especially at Rio and on Fremont Street in front of the strippers and sex advertisements.  Strollers rolling right past the "no strollers allowed" signs inside the Wynn and at the TI Sirens show because mom and dad have booze and cigarettes in their hands and a glaze in their eyes.  Yeah, it's all about their well-behaved kids and not the parents at all.

Avatar repeats

I believe this is because they are all being imported by the same VegasChatter person from Facebook posts to this site.

Kids Tyme - Orleans is the place for kids

"When it comes to babysitting facilities, there are no 'facilities,' per se. But, some businesses will send staff to your room."

The above is just not as accurate as one might think.

I'm not an advocate of kids in Vegas, but I've seen too much ill will towards those that bring them.

The Orleans has a facility where you can drop off the kids ages 3 through 12 for up to 5 hours at a time.

<a href="http://www.orleanscasino.com/entertain/kids-tyme">http://www.orleanscasino.com/entertain/kids-tyme</a>


Thanks. I corrected that to "there are no on-Strip facilities."

@Tyguy, @sammasseur is correct. There's a huge amount of comments on our Facebook page so I pasted a few into the post so the opinions of those fans could be heard, too.


I thought that was the case after I saw "on Facebook" after many of the names. Good to see many are commenting.

Kids ...


Irresponsible Parents

The most unhappy people I see are parents with young kids in tow. They look just miserable.

Imagine coming here and everybody else is having a blast. Everybody but YOU.

Is pushing a stroller and dragging a (walking) young child around at 11 PM -- when you can't really do anything with them -- really a good time?

I will note the exception. Many come to the US from other countries for 2-3 weeks, spending a few days in San Francisco, a few days in Las Vegas, etc. If you understand that you're going to treat Las Vegas just like any other city and call it a night at a reasonable time and get the kids in bed and forgo the late night partying and gambling, you should do OK.

But... Las Vegas is best experiences sans children. Most couples come here to have (or rekindle) some romance. Which I have to imagine is very tough to do with the kids in the next bed.

Kids are ok, but maintain some boundaries...

Like any big city with big city problems, you have to be careful with where you take your kids (there are places in LA and New York I wouldn't want my daughter to see).  Vegas, of course, caters to our "naughty" instincts in a way that most other cities don't, but let's not pretend that Vegas is a city without children already (there are 590,000+ people who live in Vegas, and not all of them are adults).  There are plenty of things for families to do both on and off the Strip.

My 7 year old daughter loves Vegas and has been three times over the last 2 years; and each time it's been a great family vacation both in the city (museums, amusement parks, swimming at the family oriented pools, etc.) and the surrounding communities (hiking especially).  Like my wife and I, she enjoys the restaurants and the shows, as well as the amazing (certainly to a child's eye) architecture.  

Of course there are boundaries to be maintained.  We never take her into the casinos (except when we have to walk through one to get to a hotel room or restaurant); we certainly never smoke or drink around her; and my wife and I take turns playing in the casino so that someone is always with her up in the room or enjoying some activity.

I can understand the comments here that kids get in the way of what most patrons want to be an adult experience (I, too, enjoy a trip once a year without the "kid"), but the solution is simply to stay away from the hotels that cater to families (which is not difficult with the diversity of hotel choices available.)

So yes, bring the kids...but maintain some boundaries while you're there with them.

Responsible parents

I would say yes as long as they are well behaved air travellers on the long haul flight.  Had one brat called Precious sat behind me.  All I heard all flight was "Oh Precious don't to that", mine are little angels and whilst babies actually sat on the pilots knee at the controls (totally illegal nowadays). Also there is so much more to Vegas than the adult side.  I've done both and have enjoyed them equally and so have all (4) children Four days of entertaining your kids in Vegas, you won't be in any state to party just go to bed early (you'll be asleep before them) and enjoy another great day in Vegas.

An Excellent Trip For Kids

Will it be the same as your crew of friends going all out and barely making your flight home? No.

But isn't that fine once in awhile? Think about it- what trips did you love as a kid?
Room service- check.
Awesome pools- check?
Great rooms with cool features and views- check.
Amazing shows with tricks and talent- check.
Fun food choices- check.
Limos and bright lights- check.
Unique shopping- check.

In the end it is a different trip, but there is nothing wrong with that. My kids (5 & 7) LOVE Vegas and we always have a great trip. Just takes a little planning and a bit of sacrifice. But when are those things not required for any family vacation?


Absofrigginloutely not!!!  My last trip in July was very trying because of kids.  At Caesars at 3am as I was playing a slot, a BABY was crying on the other side of the bank of machines.  For 5 minutes.  It took everything in me to not go around to the other side and cause a scene.  Vegas is for adults.  I don't walk the main drag at Disney with a beer and smoke...I would be thrown out.  Leave us our ADULT fun...kid free.


To rip off a comedian I saw during X Burlesque, "If I see one more kid in vegas, I am packing up a dozen strippers and heading to disney world g strings n all."

You want to do a family vacation go to a family location. You want to get loaded, gamble, ECT.... go to Vegas.

Both Sides Every time......

I do take our 4 yeard old to Vegas only because my parents live there. We fly with him there and my parents pick us up and then would drop my wife and I at our hotel. We do get looks starting at the gate leaving for Vegas and the other passengers notice the kid we are walking with will be on thier flight to Vegas. I remember how I felt before we had a child and went to Vegas. I love being a father and I would not change it for anything. We dont only get the looks leaving for Vegas, but we get them on the return trip back. That's what people want....returning from a crazy Vegas trip and a 4 year old is one of the last things thay wanted to listen to. My child has been great the 2 times we have brought him. We try and sit all the way in the back, as close to the engine. This drowns out the noise if your 4 yearold is reading a book or watching Go Diego Go on a phone. I have had other passengers tell us after the flight how they never heard him and they thought he was sleeping the whole time. The noise might sound loud  to us, but I guess the others didnt notice. Sweet. I try and still remember to think of others on flights. I would just hope you know we dont want to possabily ruin your flight. We want to get there and get home as fast as we can too.

Kids have fun too

My husband and i have no kids, but last year we were so happy to have out Niece and nephew be a part of it. They went to the Rainforest cafe, shark reef, swimming, M&M shop, Adventure dome etc. They were not in any Casino's and went to bed at a decent hour. I like how a lot of people who probably have never taken or seen kids having fun in Vegas point their fingers at how bad this is for kids. My Niece always talks about how much fun she had in Vegas and cant wait to go back.

"I don't walk the main drag at Disney with a beer and smoke...I would be thrown out. "

Most Disney parks you can drink and there are smoking area's so i dont get your point.

"Leave us our ADULT fun...kid free."

Pretty selfish and entitled comment. I go to Vegas 3 times a year and i havent had any problems with kids at all. I have more of a problem with drunk idiots keeping me awake at 4am.

Vegas fun

Don't get me wrong...I love kids.  I have a 21 year old.  When I am spending $4000 dollars on my one yearly vacation, I would like to enjoy it.  My point on Disney is that there are certain behaviors in Vegas that children should not be exposed to. I would respect the fact that Disney is a childrens place, and not act like an ass there out of respect.  I shouldn't have to worry about censoring my fun in Vegas because of idiot parents that have their tired kids on the strip during late night hours.
"Pretty selfish and entitled comment" yes, I have expectations of my vacation that don't include an 8 year old spinning around in the chair at the slot next to me.  At midnight.  The foreign parents laughed and took pictures.

Vegas can be fun for kids

I've lived in Vegas for about a year and have noticed that many companies don't cater towards making Vegas fun for kids. There however is a lot of great kid friendly things to do, and I will bring your kiddos to do them while you enjoy the casinos. Check out my website: <a href="http://vegassupernanny.com/">http://vegassupernanny.com/</a>