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Imperial Palace To Become The Quad

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
September 17, 2012 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

Note: Scroll down for added details, new rendering.

After much speculation and trademark searching, it's now official. Imperial Palace will soon be dubbed The Quad.

Pulse of Vegas blog, the corporate blog of Caesars Entertainment, broke the news earlier today and provided insight as to just how that name came to be:

How was the name The Quad chosen? Basically, the concept of a “quad” brings to mind good times for many. A quad is a gathering place, a place to meet and make new friends.

The Quad will bring a renovated casino, check-in desk, dining and retail outlets to the aging hotel so, basically, expect an entirely new resort. Except for its dealertainers and car collection. Pulse of Vegas says those will stay around. And, side note, we feel much more comfortable using the "r" word in conjunction with that stretch of Strip real estate now.

Update: Caesars Entertainment says we'll start to see the changeover as early as November with "the official conversion" finished by December 21. Renovations will stretch into late 2013 before those are complete. Here are more details:

The casino floor will expand an additional 15,000 square feet engulfing the former Imperial Palace porte cochere and a nightclub and gift shop. The first phase of casino renovations will include 35,000 square feet, including the expansion, and is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2013. The second phase will include an additional 30,000 square feet of gaming space with a centralized promenade bar featuring state-of-the-art integrated audio-visual technology. This phase is scheduled for completion in late 2013.

While the original resort’s main entrance was Strip-facing, the main entrance and porte cochere to The Quad will be located on the north side of the building with access via Koval Road or the Harrah’s tunnel off Las Vegas Blvd. A pedestrian walkway, offering a safe pathway for guests on foot, will make its way from the adjacent Harrah’s Carnaval Court through to the south side of The Quad into The LINQ, Caesars’ $550 million retail, dining and entertainment district slated for opening late next year. Plans also include a dual-sided lobby bar, Starbucks, a retail promenade and a series of restaurants and eateries.

Caesars says the resort will stay open during this transition as will Divas Las Vegas and Hash House A Go Go.

The Quad will also take over the building that was formerly O'Sheas. Company reps have said that an O'Sheas-like experience will be found at The Linq, the huge outdoor mall under construction now between The Quad (that's going to take some getting used to) and the Flamingo.

(PHOTO: Caesars.com/TheLinq, Pulse of Vegas blog)

Archived Comments:

Quad Name

My freshman college dorm was called the Quad.  So if they're trying to conjure up good time memories of making new friends over bad Jaggermeister, weekly trips to the infirmary, days that usually don't involve a shower and start before 2pm followed by nights that end pounding whatever was left behind in half empty cups...they named it perfectly.

Streaking the Quad!

I can't believe I've lived to see the day that the Imperial Palace goes away! Yay to Caesars for changing it up but The Quad? That was the name of my university's social center as well. (except it housed sophomore dorms, not freshmen ones.) perhaps Caesars is trying to attract college kids? Can't wait to see who's gonna be streaking the Quad in November!

Room renos?

I forgot to ask, will they be updating the rooms too?


The POV Blog ended their post with this: "Other renovations are expected to be announced down the road." So, I hope that includes the rooms. Otherwise, it will be an utter fail. I really can't see them, however, not doing some sort of refresh.

re: rooms

"Would you like a free upgrade to one of our Quad Tub rooms?"


It will always be the Imperial Dump to me!


The facade sure is um... interesting.

I'm having a hard time swallowing the concept that out of thousands of CET employee submissions, this was the best name they could come up with. I would have gone with 3535 over Quad. But what do I know?!?

May take a drive over that way tonight and see if standing there in person will help me understand this thing better.

Naming choice

I cant say I quite get the name either...reminds me of trashy common space used by loitering youths and not an area I would really want to spend lots of time. Although I did like how they used the Q in the promos "Q the fun, Q the entertainment...ect." Why didnt they simply just go with "The Q" and play it off the linq "Q" somehow...making it the extension of the linq. "The Q where the linQ ends" or something!

As underwhelming as you can get.

I figured that they would really come up with something interesting and dynamic for IP whenever they decided to redo it.  But instead, it's... this.

Just like everyone else mentioned, the name just reminds me of the dorms from college.  I find it to be quite forgettable.

The renderings are sad.  With the glam of The Cosmo and Center City just a hop, skip and a jump away, the towers just look like an oversized Fairfield Inn.

Nothing about The Quad (based just on this little bit we know, of course) seems elegant or chic.  Are they intentionally trying to build a mid-price-range resort destination for mid-strip?  When you consider the fragile economy and how less-than-stellar some of the newer, fancier hotels are doing, I find that idea to be plausible.  But honestly, what do I know?

@juliana @702becca

I think they said that room renos were a part of this a while ago, but since they're not really talking about them I'm imagining half assed Flamingo FAB type renos, not full. We'll see.

I don't get the complaints

Less than two years after it takes effect people aren't going to remember it was anything else. That's Vegas.

Themed names severely limit a hotel. Excalibur can never be anything but an amped up Medieval Times. The Bellagio is always going to have to feel like a 19th Century Italian circus.

The Cosmopolitan was a genius name because it's a word, an attitude, an aesthetic that's constantly evolving, allowing the hotel itself to grow and change along with the concept.

The Quad is going to come to mean whatever it is they put in it. If what's in it is cool, The Quad is going to be cool. From what's been made available so far, the idea is to go for an accessible, fun atmosphere. If they can pull that off, The Quad will become synonymous with having a good time at a good price. If they don't, it'll be a joke. Not because of the name, but because they just couldn't wash off the IP stench.

re: "the IP stench"

Yeah.  That's going to be tough.  Literally and figuratively.