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Could Halloween In Vegas Get Even Gorier? Yep

September 20, 2012 at 7:33 PM | by | ()

We know you're already making your Halloween list and checking it twice, and you've been using our handy guide to help you make your way through a month of thrills and chills. Here's a quickie update to help you get further in the mood.

First out the gore-gate will be the Goretorium which opens to the general public on the 28th. They recently added a nifty sign to the outside of the Harmon Corner complex and pointed out that you can see saw-blade decorative motifs on the balcony of their Baby Dolls Lounge. Very Martha Stewart.

They've also been teasing us with images on their Facebook page. This chair fits perfectly into the sets we toured last month. And, news was leaked that the haunt features an official soundtrack by DJ Asha, current lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses. The soundtrack is ready to buy and Asha's website features liner notes that suggest a back-story that may be relevant to the tour. It concerns a newly-married, seedy couple who head to Vegas on their honeymoon. They check into the Delmont Hotel, the Goretorium setting, before very bad things happen. You'll hear the soundtrack as you walk the maze and, if you pick it up ahead of opening night, do tell us what you think.

Not to be outdone, Amazing Johnathan has released a sliver of extra detail about his downtown SCREAMont Experiment. Also, a take on the hanunted hotel theme, their multi-level experience creeps out the Las Vegas Club where "guests are greeted by a ghostly bellman who tours them through the quarantined hotel, which has been taken over by previous guests who’ve mysteriously gone insane during their horrific stay." We've asked around and locals rave about Johnathan's ability to stage a Halloween event.

Over at the Hard Rock, they're walking a different direction and turned Body English into a Victorian London-themed Halloween scare called Bloody English. Did you happen to notice the English connection there? They've let loose the info that famous horror characters will provide their inspiration and "fans will witness sights reminiscent to those seen in gothic horror stories such as Jack the Ripper, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Sweeney Todd as well as classics including Frankenstein, Dracula and Phantom of the Opera." Their counter-programming content might serve them well amidst the overkill of events this year.

And, finally, for those who made it this far and have a strong constitution, our informal survey of local Halloween favorites indicated we should mention the Freakling Bros. Horror Shows received top marks. Yet, we've not met anyone who has made it all the way through the experience. Apparently, the adults-only maze makes you sign a waiver that allows the characters to verbally berate you and, um, touch you. Seriously. Even the walking around part sounds very tactile and we're kind of waiting on a VegasChatter reader to review this for us. Not that we're scared you understand, but we're pretty sure the night we're meant to go, we'll be interviewing those brown pelicans at the Flamingo. Honest.

We also have to end with a final shout-out to the Goretorium team who packaged our invite to their media event with a box containing the following. Well played, Goretorium, well played.

Be sure and bookmark our Halloween guide to keep up with all the fast-evolving fear fun over the next few weeks.

(PHOTOS: Goretorium, VegasChatter)

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