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We're No Longer Peeved About The Art Scene At Cosmo

Where: 3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
September 25, 2012 at 5:01 PM | by | ()

Was it something we said? Not two weeks after testily mocking the Cosmopolitan for moving their artists-in-residence program out of their third floor P3 Studio in favor of a Zappos sales booth, we discover, well, there is an artist in residence and fully ensconced next door.

From now until October 7th, artist Sush Machida will use the space as his personal studio. Born in Japan, he currently lives in Vegas so it sounds like he may have a unique perspective on the local arts scene.

You can drop by from Wednesdays to Sundays from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., pull up a seat, enjoy a tea break and chat with Machida as he works on a large mural. A couple of his works are already on display. As we said, before getting all grumpy at the Cosmo's commerce decision, we're big fans of the way artists bring their personal imagination and interactivity to this space.

And, we're very happy to share with you the guest artist timetable for the rest of the year. We heartily recommend dropping by whenever at the Cosmopolitan. All programs take place on Wednesdays through Sundays from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. You really never know what to expect and this is a very strong roster of bold creators to close out the season.

Paintallica will be there October 10 through November 4. A shifting collective of over a dozen participants, they'll probably use the surrounding resort for inspiration. No clues as to what they'll discover, but we're informed their "installations are often a series of large sculptures with a fusion of painting, drawing, wood-burning and carving that stretch from constructions onto floors and walls in a range of detail."

Eloise Fornieles is here from November 7 to December 2. She already knows what she's going to do. And, it sounds dramatic. Listen to this:

"The space will consist of a seascape which will cover the floor like a soft, sea-like spread. A wooden boat will sit within the sea and Eloise will sit within the boat... The audience will be invited to write on paper a hope or a fear and place it in the boat. Fornieles will read each note, which she will then stuff into the small holes and cracks of the boat. Once the performance period ends, the boat full of notes will be taken into the desert and lit up in flames."

Based on her previous work, we're really looking forward to this one.

And, to round out the year, Ellen Harvey presents "The Good Luck Exchange" December 5 to January 6. Ninety-nine small bronze lucky charms will be on display. Plus, a chance for you to become part of the exhibit:

"Each charm will be unique and signed by the artist. A Polaroid of each charm will hang on the wall behind it. Text on the wall will inform visitors that they are welcome to take and keep one of the charms provided that they leave a lucky object of their choice behind. The new object will then be photographed and its Polaroid installed on the wall above the Polaroid of the original."

Like we said, interactive and always unexpected.

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