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A First Look at Pricing For Nobu Hotel

September 26, 2012 at 1:52 AM | by | ()

Exclusive bookings of Caesars' Nobu Hotel (or, Nobu Hotel at Caesars?) are now open to the Inner Circle (i.e., people who signed up for Nobu email alerts). And, as a result, we've learned two new facts -- one, guests won't be able to stay until February of next year (a delay from an anticipated fall debut) and, two, a room won't be as expensive as we thought. Of course, "expensive," being relative.

A look at the rate calendar for Nobu Hotel found a starting rate of "just" $249 a night. Honestly, we were expecting to be hit with something in the $300 range. From $249, rates range up to $349.

But, that, of course, is for a standard deluxe room at Nobu. One step up is the Nobu Luxury King that runs from $279 to $379. (Although, we're not quite sure what the difference is between a standard room and a luxury one.) From there, the Hakone Suite will start at $949 and top out at $1,049 (for now). We're not sure what the square footage is on any of these accommodations at this time.

We do know, though, that a 1,300-square-foot Sake Suite (rendered in pencil below) will begin at $1,049 and run upwards of $1,129.

There's also a sprawling 1,850-square-foot Nobu Suite (rendered below as well) for which reservations are not being accepted at this time.

Guests of Nobu Hotel will have priority access to Nobu the restaurant (under construction at Caesars right now as well) including the ability to order sushi goodness direct to their room. Twenty-four hours a day. Peep the main menu for the restaurant here. Guests will also get complimentary entry to Pure and Qua's fitness room as well as their own private entrance to Garden of the Gods. Want airport transportation, too? Let Nobu pick you up in a Nobu Rover... for rates starting at $65.

Nobu Hotel will be located in Caesars' Centurion Tower. And, in case you're wondering (like we did) how rates stack up against the Octavius Tower, a check of those rooms (for the same timeframe as Nobu's opening) found pricing running from $249 to $409 a night.

The general public will be able to book a stay at Nobu beginning October 1.

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