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The D Is Refunding Lost Packers Bets, But Probably Not Yours

Where: 301 Fremont Street [map], 89101
September 26, 2012 at 2:39 PM | by | ()

If you bet big on the Seahawks-Packers matchup and lost it all, you can get it back. That is, if you placed your bet at the D in Downtown Vegas.

The newly renamed hotel-casino (formerly the Fitz) is offering refunds to its bettors who backed Green Bay but found themselves out of luck after a controversial call.

"I just can’t imagine a worse outcome than what occurred Monday night,” said the D Owner and Chief Executive Officer Derek Stevens. “I’m so disgusted that we are going to refund every bet made on the Packers at the D. I know exactly how it would feel if I was laying the number and I saw what happened.”

Here's how the D is instructing bettors to get it back:

Refunds on all straight bets and all money line Packer bets can be claimed at the cashier’s cage at the D on or before September 30. Must present ticket at the cage and only bets made at the D Las Vegas will be refunded.

If you didn't bet at the D (which you probably didn't) or have never bet at the D before, we're curious -- will this send you there next time? Let us know in the comments below.

(Photo: The D on Foursquare)

Archived Comments:

Haven't bet there in a while... Clever PR stunt...

I use to place a bet there once in a while back when it was the Fitz and they would send me parlay match bets in the mail.  What intrigued me about this is that William Hill runs that sports book, so does that money come from them or from The D themselves?  The other thing I was a little turned off about this was that they waited till Wednesday to let most of the public know about this???  Most bettors have already thrown that ticket out by now...  It's a great PR stunt for them.  They will still get to keep a majority of the money from the lost tickets, as only a small few actually didn't rip it up of throw it out...  Just my thoughts...

No Question..

No question this is a good PR/Publicity move. It will probably get national ink and mentions on sports talk nationwide.

I had no bet on the game, nor were either of the teams ones I care about. Having said that, the right call held up. By the time the defenders feet touched the ground, the receiver also had possession of the ball with feet already down. (I watched it on YouTube frame-by-frame). It was a tie, which goes to the offense. And such a close call, that it was not a complete surprise to see the officials differ on how they called it.