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The Lowdown: How A Host Works

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Last week, we received a question about dealing with a specific offer from a casino host and, hopefully, helped Gail out a little.

The legend of casino hosts has been glorified on the big and small screen and our favorite is from the TV show "Las Vegas," Sam Marquez. The myth that a host only deals with high rollers is just that, a myth. Hosts will work with anyone from penny slot players to $1,000 a hand baccarat players. Both players are treated differently because of the amount wagered and, while a host may be able to provide the high roller with free weeks in the finest Las Vegas villas and the finest of dining is comped, the low roller can still get discounted or free rooms, show tickets and meals, too.

The job of a casino host is to create a relationship with players so that they become loyal to that specific casino. No matter how nice they are, casino hosts don't have cart blanche to just give everything away. They report to marketing managers and have to justify everything they provide their players.

Everything a host provides, no matter what you're told, is based on your play at the casino. While you'll see a host glad-handing and having a good time with their clients on the casino floor, rest assured that they've already checked their computer to see what each person has been playing.

If you're promised free rooms, dinner and show tickets from a new host, it's probably because your play has earned those freebies in the past. Similar play in the casino will be expected of you moving forward. If you don't meet the requirements for comps you will lose some of the perks in the future, but if you're promised something in advance it should be upheld. Most hosts work by email so you should always have a record if you're told you'll receive a perk and don't. If you have a complaint, just speak with a marketing manager, the host's boss. Proof always makes your case stronger.

There's nothing shady about working with a casino host. It's their job to make you happy and keep you coming back to the casino. If you're not a high roller working with a casino host can still be beneficial and make planning your trips easier. A host can reserve your room, make dinner arrangements, get show tickets and pretty much anything else you need from the casino with one email. That, in itself, can make hosts a great asset. If they can offer comps, even better.

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Archived Comments:

Love it!

ECG - love your recent articles!  As someone who has had a host since I started playing blackjack and craps at Casino Windsor when it opened (now Caesars Windsor) I appreciate having some of the more "mysterious" parts of gambling explained to others.  

There are all sorts of articles on VC about tricks on how to get a good deal or better room and they never mention all that a host can do for you, even if you have average play.  It can be as simple as a free upgrade or discounted casino rate, having that host relationship helps.  The host office always has blocks of tickets for shows that they have set aside for players.  While you may not get them comped if your play doesn't warrant it, the host can at least make sure you get good seats.  

My host at Planet Hollywood set me up with tickets to Absinthe, dinner at Koi, and an Apex Suite last time I was in town.  It made for an awesome trip!


Thanks for the kind words!

As I mentioned even just booking everything for a vacation in one email is a great reason to ask for a host - freebies or not.

Ask for a host?

I play a decent amount when I go to the casino but I've never been assigned a host, even when I was platinum on Total Rewards.

Should I ask for a host? Or am I not a valuable enough asset to the casino?


You can certainly ask for a host. If they say no you're in no worse a position then you were before.

Tipping hosts

What are the general guidelines about tipping hosts if they provide comps?


Hosts aren't supposed to accept tips for doing their job since, technically, they work in marketing. That said sometimes they'll accept gifts.

Cash is a no-no. Sometimes a bottle of wine or box of chocolates will do. If you know the host well choose something that you know they will personally enjoy.


A box of chocolates? My host and co-horts all work out regularly, eat right and look fabulous. I'd not give a box of chocolates unless it was filled with cash. (hmm,,,good cover) Hosting is very competitive and if you don't make your numbers you're gone, to be replaced by one of many beautiful people in line. And yes, helps if you can speak another language or two. So back on the chocolates. Nah. I've been through 3 hosts.  A big hug or a handshake with a hidden wad of cash in the hand works well EVERY TIME.

Here is a Sure Bet

A program well worth your efforts is offered by (CET) aka. Bally's, Caesars, Harrahs, Flamingo, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Quad, and Rio! These comps are spent like cash from a players card, which is used like a debit card, for rooms, food, shows, and even Casino free play, A person can even fund entry into the WSOP! My last trip I redeemed $140! I'm collecting for my 2014 vacation, I'm up to $80 in 3 months!

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once there get a TR players card.
(If you already have a TR card skip this)

Next go to Vegas Rewards facebook page, www.facebook.com/groups/vegasrewards

All the Social Rewards details are spelled out there!

Good Luck in Vegas!

How 2 FIRE Casino Host when they aren't the Most?

QUESTION for Casino Marketing Staff, Casino Hosts ....

YES - we went there! WE, me the player/guest and him (Exec Casino Host) started dating and are now living together.

Situation: the relationship is on very shaky ground of late - he's butt dialed several times when entertaining other clients and basically has either talked smack - or completely down-played our relationship or the fact he's even in one...

Screw him, I know - but how or what would be the best way to approach someone else in the hotel to relay the unsatisfactory service I receive not just from him but some of his colleagues as well?

Ex: I have had several  earned play "offers" that because if I were in attendance I would be totally cramping his style and his "play" with female clients to be exact so he has blatantly misinformed or disregarded any inquiries on my part regarding events etc...  

Please don't blast me as this is not about payback from a girlfriend it's about professionalism, customer service & mutual respect.

Low-roller comps

On our first ever trip to Vegas, some 15yrs ago, my husband and I had a weeks stay at Luxor booked, with about $500 each for gambling.  On the first day we received VIP passes, by the second day we were moved to a two room suite, and that night received a free meal at the steak house (about$275 or so with tip) and when we checked out we received a $120 cash rebate!  Not bad for low-rollers.   For a couple yrs after we received mailings for discounts, additional comps, and free entry into special "tournaments".