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What Really Happened In Prince Harry's Suite?

September 4, 2012 at 12:04 PM | by | ()

Each time we attempt to close the page on Prince Harry's Las Vegas visit to let the royals handle the situation as they wish, more rumors, pictures, and possibly a video continue to leak. The story has quickly grown from simply a pool party to include a constellation of stars and black holes. A million dollar kiss and tell is reportedly in the works while a 32-year old beautician describes her encounter as more drunken fumble than fullblown orgy. Now comes racy whispers of hookers and cocaine from the always reliable good friend of a cocaine dealer.

Will the true story of the Prince's royal romp eventually be told and in what form? Who knows but for all the tabloid talk we here at VegasChatter believe we've formulated the story of what really went down that hot August night. And just as most Vegas stories grow into legend this one likely also had a much humbler start.

The Prince and his party reportedly enjoyed a few drinks at Wynn's Parasol Bar. A fine choice whether accurate or not as they serve royally good drinks both Up and Down. VegasChatter suspects the Prince eventually retired for the evening not with a harem of handpicked local ladies but alone with his handlers. You see the goal of the group's trip was not random debauchery but to get to the bottom of whoever is behind BBC America once and all for all.

Before heading to the bed for an evening of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galacta the Prince drew a bath. As he was about to slide into the bubbles he recalled a VegasChatter article about hangover cures. Not wanting to attract a hangover he u-turned toward the hallway for a watery beverage at the vending machine. This is where Harry's innocent mistakes start to turn into tabloid tales.

You see the prince is used to having a palatial estate to privately roam around in. It's not a stretch to think after a couple Vegas cocktails, Harry forgot he wasn't back in London and no longer the master of his own domain. Stepping into Wynn's hallway and hearing the click of the door behind him is what alerted him to the fact he may have wanted to grab a robe and room key.

Luckily a fine young gentlemen was entering the room next to the prince and spotted his pickle...of a predicament. Harry's drunken fumble was in searching for the words to explain why he was standing locked outside of his room without the cold Coca-Cola he was after. His new friend proclaimed Harry was in luck! Since it just so happened his very best friend was behind this very door and happened to be Vegas' largest Coke dealer. He invited the prince in to grab a towel and Coke while he waited for security to let him back into his own room.

Expecting to find one of Wynn's soft amenities from the bathroom, Harry walked his way through the master bedroom where his innocent eyes interrupted four naked women enjoying a pillow fight. Since that's what all women do when they get together for a slumber party. See, quite explainable so far.

It turned out these four young ladies were a bit dirty and therefore out of clean linen. Instead they handed him the nearest item handy to cover himself up with: a pool cue. At this unfortunate moment a 32 year old beautician looking to start a billiard game entered. "Aha! Just what I was looking for" she screamed as she lunged for the Royal's stick. The modest Harry reached for his only protection and that folks explains the snapshot taken above.

See - the royal family has nothing to be embarrassed about. This was all just one big Three's Company-type misunderstanding.

(PHOTO: TMZ.com)

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Now that is funny...although it sorta sounds like the Caesars commercial where the guy gets locked out and has to go downstairs to get a key completely nekkid.


I'm not attracted to gingers anyway..but, I would like it if I didn't see his ass everywhere. That little star doesn't help either.