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15 Vegas Spots That Are (Surprise!) Still Open

September 14, 2012 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

A lot of new sh*t opens and lot of old sh*t closes each month in Las Vegas. Sometimes even new sh*t closes. There are so many openings and closings even your favorite know-it-alls had to start keeping track. Seriously, did you see how much sh*t happened last month?

Sometimes when we're wrapping up the comings and goings around town we stop to think wow, that's still open? Some revelations are pleasant surprises while others seem to break every law of economics and common sense we ever did learnt. Time to get in our head and discover which spots we're surprised are still open:


Too easy to start with Cirque's biggest punching bag now that Viva Elvis has closed. VegasChatter has made no secret of our distaste for Criss Angel's (focus on the show... focus on the show) BeLIEve. Yet somehow enough tickets keep selling to keep the show going.


Brad Garrett moved the laughs from Tropicana to MGM Grand this past March. After some initial grand opening buzz there hasn't been much of a peep from MGM's basement. With the closing of Empire Comedy Club, a laugh stop with an above ground location and respectable lineup, Garrett may want to remind Vegas he's still here for more than charity poker tournaments.


Not to pick on MGM Grand, but how many of you forgot the interactive CSI exhibit is there somewhere way out in back? We've honestly been wanting to crack CSI cases since it opened, but it just plain continues to slip our mind. Ironically, at one point, there was a ticket special providing a free Brad Garrett ticket with CSI purchase. Or, maybe it was the other way around. Another mystery to solve.


The Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus is 10,000 square feet of Chuck, Bugs, Porky, and Daffy. But, is it Vegas? The doors are still open so maybe it is. With summer vacation behind us and the experience's outreach program again reaching out to schools we'll be keeping an eye on this one.


The Heart Attack Grill business plan is that anyone over 350 pounds eats for free and actual, real diner heart attacks is good publicity. (The latest visit by paramedics happened over this past weekend.) Do we need to say more of why we're surprised this downtown spot is still open?


In nightclub years, PURE is a dinosaur. At one time, the one and only club that mattered was hosted by the week's it celeb, now it's a monster among many. Time to reinvent or does PURE still have some time before its best by date comes up? Heck, let's throw LAX on the table, too, while we on the topic of super mega-sized nightclubs.


Is it too early to paint our faces surprised Kiss Monster Mini-Golf is still putting along? After numerous delays, we finally got a look at the crazy, crazy holes, but it would surprise us if the crowds are any bigger than when we took these photos. Hello, Gene Simmons? Anthony Cools has some putt-putt supplies to sell you while you are open.


It actually would be a little surprising if Venetian's 80s themed Bourbon Room was defunct already after only opening in June. Surprising, if only because it couldn't possibly bust before the musical that inspired it Rock of Ages opens... can it? As much as it's an odd fit for Venetian and as dead as it has been when we've been by, those who have ventured in to rock with their 80s out have surprisingly enjoyed it. Here's to hoping it has enough hair spray to make it until December, and beyond, for the sake of head bands and mini jean skirts.


Once the image of Las Vegas, Siegfried and Roy's show was cut short by a tiger nearly ten years ago already. Another casino's suits may have taken the opportunity to annex the space and fill it with restaurants, shopping or a nightclub. But, the Mirage still has lions, tigers, and dolphins, oh my.


As quickly as so many Trop attractions have come and gone while others believe the best comes to those who wait and wait and wait, the Mob Experience refuses to be buried. Sure, it had to shrink its ticket prices (more than once) and retool the exhibits, even change its name. All while vying for position in a turf war with another Mob family. Yet, it remains open a year after we first wondered when it would be buried. Flood waters, not withstanding.


Would you be more surprised to hear that the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is playing at the Plaza or that it's been running since March 31? Reviews have not been kind with comments including: has the "feeling of a community play," "better than I expected for a low budget show," and "got drunk for cheap." The show that preceded it closed between the time we saw it and finished writing a review so, yes, we are surprised to still see Whorehouse still in lights.


When's the last time the gang said 'hey, let's go to Vegas, get a table and party in the basement of Aria?' That's what we thought.


Apparently, the Bank doesn't need Tiger Woods to keep it relevant. Even with the newer, shinier Hyde Bellagio nearby, the Bank keeps making bank (groan).


How often have you been at a strip club getting an eyeful and thought to yourself, 'I wish she had scissors to take a little off the top?' For the record, Exposed Salon's stylists aren't strippers, but you get the point. Put that thought not in plain view of a high traffic area, but tucked away on the second floor of the Plaza and walk-ins have to be a challenge. Call us partly intrigued, partly frightened, but mostly surprised.


We admittedly have a soft spot for Hooters Casino, no double entendre intended -- for reals. Ok, maybe a little. But, the little guy on the block has survived on $15 rooms, cheap eats, and an auction. If we'd polled readers a year ago, we bet the majority would not have bet on orange.

What are you pleasantly surprised or downright shocked is still open? Let us know who's in your dead pool down below!

[Photos: Open: Webpress Utah; Exposed Salon: Exposed Salon; Others: VegasChatter]

Archived Comments:

Awesome article

I'm not the nightclub type, so those entries don't mean much to me.  But as for Exposed, Whorehouse, BeLIEve, and Mob Experience - all of those places have been completely dead when I encountered them, or deserved to be.  Good joke on the Anthony Cools golfing supplies, BTW.


I was there the weekend BeLIEve opened. I went to go see Madonna at MGM and my mom went to go see Criss Angel...she said as well as everyone else who walked out it stunk.  Before I came out in June, I had called Caesars and spoke to a show reservationist and he was polite, but I could tell by his careful choice of words that he was like don't waste your time.  I truly am surprised it's still there.


Those gross little food stands at NYNY as you do the walkway from Ex. through NYNY and out the walkway to MGM Grand. Can't they finally just open that space up? It's so congested and it doesn't smell good.


As a KISS fan, I loved the mini-golf (as did my wife, who can't stand the group), but I don't think it'll last long.  It's pretty dead most of the time.  Hope it'll still be there in december and I can play it one last time...