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Mandalay Bay Looking For A Model Employee... That's A Model

Where: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89119
September 5, 2012 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

If the showgirls seem angry again, it's probably Mandalay Bay's fault.

VH1 has announced that it will air a new Vegas reality show in 2013 (yes, another) that will pit eight models against each other with the winner becoming "the face of Mandalay Bay." (See what they did there?) The show will be called Model Employee because the employee is a... oh, you saw that, too, eh? Ok, moving on.

Yes, instead of picking one of the beautiful performers already on The Strip (sorry, fantasies next door), Mandalay Bay will choose to rip-off take a page from America's Next Top Model with a dash of Hotel Impossible and Undercover Boss tossed in to get a reality TV show formula that will have models sifting through trash for recycling, cleaning shark poop tanks, and more. And, why?

“Watching really pretty people do some not so pretty work in hopes of truly understanding the brand they hope to represent is an eye-opening experience, and lots of fun to watch,” said Jeff Olde, EVP of Original Programming & Production at VH1.

Oh, yeah, it's fun to watch pretty people do not just work, but the work of ordinary people. lol!

The best 'model employee' will get a one year, $100,000 spokesmodel contract while Mandalay Bay will get 30 to 60 minutes of 'free' advertising great exposure from VH1 over an eight-week span early next year. Meantime, we'll likely get a year of listening to the winner extoll the virtues of Mandalay Bay every time we climb in one of the hotel's elevators and will probably see their face around the property almost as much as Michael Jackson. A win/win for all!

(PHOTO: Mandalay Bay on Foursquare)

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Ttttt ttttt tttttt

Lol, 702becca is just jealous...


Not so much.


Didn't The Palms do something like this (maybe minus the reality aspect) a few years ago, and those blond twins ended up winning?

Be interesting to see if it brings some added buzz to the property, ups the hipness factor?

Where do I sign up?

Where can I sign up for this?  I would love to see my face on posters in hotel elevators and on nudie mag boxes on the strip!!!