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SHe: The Anti-Breastaurant Or Another Bic For Her in The Making?

September 6, 2012 at 9:45 PM | by | ()

SHe steakhouse, as envisioned by Buzz Feed.

SHe feels like a woman, but will females flock to Eva Longoria's do-over steakhouse at Crystals in CityCenter or will they snub it?

SHe is marketing itself as the anti-breastaurant, a steakhouse with the ladies in mind. Oh, yeah, and with a fashion runway, rain curtains with 3D projections, cryogenic fog and seductive female performers upstairs in the formerly shuttered Eve nightclub space, too. (This is why Magic Mike failed, people. No seductive females on stage for the ladies.)

But, what if SHe goes over as well as Bic for Her, instead? When Buzz Feed mentioned the news a few days ago, readers responded negatively for the most part. (Snarkily, but negatively and with quite a few guys questioning if the steakhouse was really for women. We did add the one positive comment, too.):

"The skimpy catwalk picture and a promise of rowdy drunk ladies does nothing to convince me this place isn't for men."

"Seriously. Take away the word steakhouse, and this is just another Vegas strip club!"

"A women's themed restaurant might not be a bad idea, but steak? So girls, do you ever call up all your girlfriends and say, Yo bitches, let's go get some STEAK! Didn't think so. Sushi might have been a better choice."

"Yes because that's what I needed with my steakhouse. damn you other gender neutral steakhouses, I needed a catwalk that way everyone can see my foodbaby as I leave your establishment."

"I get the concept. I'm sure small steaks aren't the only options. At other steakhouses, big steaks are the only option. By making it a sexy dinner theater combo is a draw in it's own right. Tank up and see the show. Win/Win. Good luck Eva."

SHe will roll out the fog on New Year's Eve. It will be interesting to see how many sexy female shadows we'll see up in the club. And, in the restaurant.

In the meantime, what do you think? Guys, will a steakhouse for chicks turn you off? Gals, this concept doing anything for ya? Let us know in the comments below!

(PHOTO: John Gara for Buzz Feed)

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it seems like it would be just a little too busy. dont get me wrong i like a little entertainment with my food just as much as the next person but it does sound like a strip club with a resto attached. too much going on at once