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The Week Before The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Is The Most Wonderful

September 7, 2012 at 2:53 PM | by | ()

Ever since this writer has been visiting Las Vegas, he always made it a point to visit the week before Christmas. At first, available vacation dates just happened to fall during that week, but amidst our first trip we learned something awesome about the week before Christmas in Vegas. It's AWESOME.

The week before Christmas is the most dead week of the year in Las Vegas. A dealer at MGM Grand mentioned that the hotel was only at 25% capacity even though the hotel was hosting teams from the Las Vegas Bowl and a national cheerleader competition. (It was as creepy as Dance Moms on TV.)

Beside hotel rooms being extremely cheap, we found it very easy get reservations at any restaurant at any time. In fact, reservations the week before Christmas may not even be necessary. The tables in the casino aren't very busy so we've never had a problem getting in on a game with a group of friends. We've even found ample elbow room at that. Since there are so few people, the cocktail waitresses are able to bring drinks faster than any other time of the year, too.

The week before Christmas is a great time of the year to explore new things in Las Vegas. The lower hotel room prices can allow you the ability to stay in a more luxurious hotel then you normally would. The quiet time also can allow you to gain access to places you'd normally not be able to get into or to try things you've avoided because of crowds.

Even though this writer lives in Las Vegas now, he still takes this time of the year as an excuse to take a staycation in Las Vegas. It's almost time that our friends book their flights which also means that it's almost time to look for rooms. Happy Holidays!

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My guilty pleasure

I have been visiting the week before Christmas or Thanksgiving for years and it is great. I have recieved free rooms from the IP and the Flamingo with my package airfare just because it's a slow week. The best room deal I recieved was a few years ago from Caesar's. $8 a night. Awesome!
I love LV during Christmas week. Everything is beautifully decorated and you don't have to fight the crowds. The only downside is that some of the restaurants are closed but it's a small price to pay to have all that elbow room in the hotels and casinos.

Any ideas

Any suggestions on some good sight seeing or must go to places?


If you're in town around the holidays definitely check out the Bellagio conservatory. They do a great job...and it's free.

I always plan my events to be a step better then I would normally do since there's greater availability and access.


That's a nice deal! I'll be looking for some nice luxury property deals this year...because why not. :)

The Best Week!

The week before xmas is the best kept secret in Vegas - shhhh don't tell everyone!

The Rodeo finals are usually on or just finishing, so lots of yummy cowboys to see, no queues for anything, great shopping, and carols everywhere - I used to go to vegas every year from the UK at this time, and now Christmas carols no longer remind me of Christmas but of Vegas - it's wonderful!

It's a bit nippy early in the morning, but it's THE BEST time to go (but let's not tell everyone, eh?).

Best Kept Secret

I completely agree and this has been something we've also touted. It isn't quite as dead as is used to be, as Las Vegas has few truly dead spots anymore. (I remember in the mid-90's, you used to be able to actually walk down the street on The Strip at 2 AM and not worry about getting hit by a car).

But... it is still the lull of the year.

My suggestion on things to see is to get out and see the surrounding attractions like Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Valley Of Fire, the attractions at Primm, Pahurmp Winery, and similar. December average high is 57 degrees and while chilly for us locals, that is great sight-seeing weather for many. Plus, car rental rates should be low due to lack of demand.

Afordable Luxury

Been going the week before and after Christmas for the past few years. Last year I got a Mirage Penthouse suite for $183/night. Regular Tower suite was going for $50 less. I know most do comps, but for the regular Joe that pays for their hotel rooms, the prices are incredible.

Enjoy the quietness, and get a bit of extra attention from staff.  Vegas really shows love at that time of year.


This is all very true.  My mother was married in Vegas last year on the week before Christmas, and we had a great time!  Everything was just busy enough so that it still had that "rush" of Vegas, but nothing was crowded.  We got a really great discounted room price at Treasure Island (er, um, TI), too.

I'm going back this year on a different date (for Halloween!), though, and I can't wait to compare.


The cowboys are all yours...there are plenty for you to share too. Last year they were all at Rio. (My secret to you) :)


Halloween in Vegas is pretty awesome. It will be crayyyyyyzeeeeee!