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Best Places To Watch The Big Game

January 10, 2013 at 5:43 PM | by | ()

The Super Bowl is right around then corner and we can't wait. Big Game weekend is the busiest sports time in Las Vegas. The crowds are huge and the energy is amazing. If you want attention, just wear something game-oriented and you'll have conversations every step you take. It's really unlike anything else related to sports.

There are plenty of options to watch Super Bowl XLVII, too. You can wake up early and snag a spot at your favorite sportsbook, you can walk into any bar and watch the game where seating may not be available, or you can guarantee a seat at one of the Big Game parties. Here are some of our favorite sports to watch the Big Game, depending on our mood:

The calm before the chaos at Caesars

If Chaos Is The Name Of The Game: We don't always want to get rowdy, but there's one place that's above and beyond for a chaotic Super Bowl experience. Even though their sportsbook could use some new TVs, there is nothing like watching the Big Game with a mass of humanity at the Caesars Palace sportsbook.

There is a lot of seating, but that's not the best part of the Super Bowl experience here. There is no separation from the rest of the casino and this sportsbook is open to one of the busiest casinos in Vegas. Not only do you get to watch the game with a huge crowd, but you also get people walking by and stopping to watch a bit of the game. There's nothing else like it. As with all sportsbooks, you'll need to arrive very early if you want a seat.

If You Want To Score "Free" Booze: Yes, you can buy drinks just about anywhere you watch the Big Game, but all casinos offer special parties to select members of their players clubs. These parties are free entry with all the food and booze you can handle. Some of these parties will even have former NFL players attend offering autographs and taking pictures. These parties are invite only, but fun. If you're a Total Rewards Diamond level or above, you may have access to free booze and food at a Diamond Lounge. Check with your players club to see what they are offering. We use quotes around free because all casino comps are earned by spending money. You just don't pay directly for these parties.

The Best of Both Worlds: Lagasse's Stadium is our favorite sportsbook, in part, because it's not just a sportsbook. Lagasse's Stadium is a sportsbook, restaurant and casino, all in one space. You'll have to make a reservation ASAP because Lagasse's Stadium will sell out. You won't be able to walk in on the day of the Big Game. Stadium seating will cost a little more, but we recommend splurging for comfortable seating in front of a huge television screen. Where the energy at Caesars Palace comes from its wide open space, Lagasse's Stadium is just the opposite. The closed quarters provide an amazing energy to watch the big game.

Note: Bookmark Vegas Chatter's Guide To Big Game Parties for a complete listing of events. The page is constantly updated.

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