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This Update Brought To You By The Letter "D"

January 10, 2013 at 3:36 PM | by | ()

The D really wants to erase any memory of Fitzgeralds from your memory banks.

Winner of VegasChatter's best Reopening of 2012 award, Fremont Street's Detroit-homesick casino has already added plenty of new signage and LED wrap-around displays as part of their revamp. They even went to the extent of covering their hotel tower with a 22,223-square-foot display that's hard to miss as you head downtown.

Unfortunately, this was intended as a temporary display and -- tut, tut -- 1,550 feet larger than Las Vegas would normally approve. So, the D wants to make it all nice and legal. And, permanent. They also need approval to continue switching on the lights installed across the street that point at their wrap and illuminate it nightly. They'll present their case to city officials next week. And, try to push things a little further.

The D is also asking for permission to add a new, 30-foot-tall letter "D" to the roof. And, place it on top of a 10-foot-tall digital display that will wrap around the top of the building. It'll also be pretty hard to miss. It looks a little bit like the display at the Fremont Street entrance in our photo below. That's approximately 1,844 square feet of flashy video D'advertising up in the sky.

We'll know next week how this all works out and will update all the details. We're pretty sure the D's neighbors will also be following the proceedings closely.

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