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CityCenter Wants To Wake You Up With Three Starbucks

January 10, 2013 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

Good news for all of you that only go to Roasted Bean as a last resort (like us), there are not one. Not two. But, three Starbucks brewing (hee) at CityCenter.

The construction wall for the one inside Aria is shown above. It is replacing the Sweet Chill gelato bar which did give us a sad because that gelato was da bomb.

A second is coming to Crystals and is replacing The weird Pods by Wolfgang Puck. The pods are still there, but already the seats, tables and order counter have been removed.

Lastly, a third Starbucks seems to be coming to that vacant tenant space that fronts Las Vegas Boulevard and Mandarin Oriental. It would be just feet away from Pinkberry. The space used to house a Carolina Herrera boutique.

We say seems to be because there is no obvious signage as with the other two locations. Frosted glass windows prevent us looky loos from taking a peek. Well, they would if a stack of brown boxes were not pressed up against the glass -- addressed to Starbucks. Ahh, well. Good intentions, right?

Who's ready for a Venti skinny vanilla latte?

Expect all three Starbucks to open in the coming months.

Archived Comments:

Sweet Chill (sniff sniff)

I will miss the gelato, but I am glad they are adding more coffee places around CC.

There can never be enough coffee


Until they have more coffee spots per capita than Venetian and Palazzo they are 3rd world nations like Flamingo.

why try something new?

A shame that some nice unique brands are being replaced by Starbucks. But unfortunately it's not the right time to give people something unfamiliar.

Sugar Factory @ Paris for my fix

I for one have never ever been served a Starbucks drink that had latte art (as evident in the first photo), is this a new high-concept version of the brand perhaps, to fit the Aria clientele? (or are they rolling out latte art around the US and I just haven't had any yet?)

My favorite coffee pick-me-up in that neck of the woods is the Sugar Factory outdoor gelato counter at Paris, just around the corner from the Brasserie entrance before going in the casino.  The friendly ladies there make a delicious made-to-order latte, though overly generous on flavor syrup unless you tell otherwise.  Bonus: a counter to sip at while watching the fountain show across the road at Bellagio or the usual eyepopping Vegas crowds stolling by.  Check it out!  Normally no line compared with the huge line at the PH starbucks 30 seconds away.