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The Big Question For The Big Game: Sportsbook or Party?

January 11, 2013 at 7:48 PM | by | ()

Coming to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl used to mean hanging out at the sportsbook with a bunch of dudes that also bet on the game. If you were a high roller, you may have been invited to watch the game in a suite with other high rollers by your host. When players clubs expanded so did the people that high rollers watched the game with. Special gatherings moved to ballrooms, but still offered free food and beverage.

It wasn't until the past few years that every bar and restaurant in Las Vegas decided to have a party for the Big Game. These parties all cost different amounts and range from just being allowed into the establishment to all-you-can-eat-and-drink parties (See VegasChatter's Guide To Big Game Parties for full details). Of course, Las Vegas still provides the traditional standby of the sportsbook. But, what's better? That depends on you. Here are some pros and cons for both.


- Free
- Can watch whatever sporting events are happening
- Quick access to betting window
- Watch with "real" fans and gamblers
- Freedom, there's no commitment to stay and watch the game since there's no cover charge
- Large TV screens

- No guaranteed seat
- Paying for drinks; if you're a fast drinker, you'll have to fetch your own

Big Game Party:

- Guaranteed seat (usually)
- Easy access to food and drink
- May be a bargain if you eat or drink a lot

- Costs money
- Hit or miss on TVs (many times the TVs are rented just for the game, so you never know what you're getting)
- Watching with whomever feels like paying
- Likely no quick access to betting windows

To party or not to party, that is the question. If you'd rather spend your money betting on the game then you'll probably be fine waking up early to get a seat or just standing at the sportsbook for the Super Bowl. If you're not really a gambler or don't care what size TV the game is on and you want a seat, you may be better off reserving space at a party. Neither is right or wrong; it's just a matter of preference. Regardless, sportsbooks and restaurants won't show Puppy Bowl no matter how much you beg. We tried, and failed, last year.

Archived Comments:

No Better Party in Las Vegas for THE BIG GAME

Party 2-3-13 @ Steiner's Pub Cheyenne, Buffalo, Las Vegas Blvd

Our Super "Big Game" Bowl Party each year is one that all our regulars, out of town visitors, and their friends thoroughly enjoy.
We will be taking "reservations" to sell out the day and insure a full house. In order to prevent guests from making reservations they may not uphold we are requiring a $50 personal seat license.
(This Guarantees and Reserves a Great Seat!)
When the guest arrives on Sunday...Game Day, they will be seated as per their reservation in the guaranteed seat at the bar or in our dining room where there is quality viewing throughout the room (13 TV's) and their $50 personal seat license deposit will be entered into the raffle square board.
The guest will choose his square position on the board upon being entrance to the party. All reserved guests will then prepay their food and beverage tabs of $100 (Cash only Please to Streamline Guest Service) and to avoid confusion when the game ends.
Each guest will also receive a licensed Super Bowl XLVII football as a keepsake from Steiner's Pub, and all he/she can eat and drink that day from 2:30pm until the game ends (roughly 5 ½ hours).
All package buyers will be issued a special wristband to help identify them.
We will be open to any walk-in business, but seating will be limited. All food and beverage for walk-in traffic will be cash and carry/or tabs with credit card authorization.
By making their reservation, the guest is invited to our Super Bowl party as early as 2:30 PM (one hour before the game starts) to eat and drink until there heart is content. Yes, that's all you can eat and drink until the game is over (roughly 5 ½ hours) and also get a chance to win up to $5,000 in cash... all for $150 total dollars. The game day menu includes our regular menu items except for dinner items; and all our liquor and beer items normally priced retail $6 or less per drink (which is 90% of our inventory).
Every quarter we will give away cash to the square winners. The payouts are:
1st Quarter $750 Square ($550 Winner-$50 Each to Surrounding Touching Squares)

Halftime $1,000 ($800-Winner $50 to Surrounding Touching Squares)

3rd Quarter $1,250 - ($1050 to Winner and $50 Each to Surrounding Touching Squares)

And Final Score $2,000- ($1600 to Winner and $100 Each to Surrounding Touching Squares)
We will also start some $5-$10-$20 boards for increased fun on game day.
Everyone who attends (Makes a Reservation) will receive a raffle ticket (when they arrive) good for a chance to win plenty of other great prizes throughout the day. All reservation guests will also have reserved seating for the day, with a preferred seating chart made ahead of time.
(Video Poker Gamers at the Bar/Others on the Floor or Non-Gaming spots at the Bar (First Come-First Served with seating arrangements to be handled by Roger/Marti/Eric/) All who plan to drink their favorite beers or cocktails will have chances to win great schwag from our vendors, including coolers, NFL merchandise, neon's, jackets, radio's and much more. It's a no brainer- bring friends and have a party here! We should sell out fast-so sign up today!
Thank you, Roger/Gary / Marti/Eric/and the Steiner's Pub Football TEAM!