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Checking Up On Qonstruction on The Linq And The Quad

January 14, 2013 at 6:02 PM | by | ()

By year's end, The Linq will finally be (kinda) open. And, Imperial Palace The Quad will be as quad-y as it's going to get. Between then and now, there's still much to do. But, it looks like we're on the verge of seeing some big changes.

Piece by piece, a sandstone-sque exterior is going up over the framework that once was O'Sheas. There were just a few panels when we walked by last week. Today, as seen above, the work is much more visible. Looking down the alleyway between The Quad and the Flamingo which will become The Linq (and ignoring the construction worker giving us the side eye), steel frames and concrete walls that will become restaurants, shops and bars look to be almost ready for their exteriors as well.

Update -- Here's what The Linq looks like from its eastern end, looking down towards the Strip as shared by VC contributor Richard Lane:

Back on Las Vegas Boulevard, a covered walkway still shelters pedestrians as they stroll along the Strip-front side of The Quad. The old porte cochere is completely covered up and inaccessible now. Not even for those on foot.

Instead, you're guided to the new entrance, a shiny steel porte cochere on the north side where a wall separates it from Carnaval Court.

Inside The Quad, not too many changes can be seen. A construction wall covers up the old casino entrance while a black trashbag-ish curtain obscures something near Ginza Bar. Caesars Entertainment has stated that, after the new entrance was complete, work would focus on adding 15,000 square feet to the existing casino floor, moving it out to cover the former porte cochere. That phase should be finished sometime this spring.

We'll continue to keep an eye on things and will report back new developments. Until then, here's a wide shot of what The Quad looks like now:

And, a rendering of what it will look like when all is complete:

(PHOTOS: caesars.com/thelinq, Caesars Entertainment, VegasChatter)

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The Quad.

Hopefully they do a good job.  Otherwise, people are going to start calling it The Glute.


The Glute...hahahaha.

I shan't ever enter.