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Tipping Dealers Doesn't Hurt Your Gambling Karma

January 14, 2013 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

We're not here to judge how people play at a casino. No two people are alike and that's okay. We do like to advise when we see something that strikes us as important. Over the weekend, one of our favorite follows on Twitter, @AnnoyedCsnoDlr, mentioned someone who didn't tip on a big win:

Tipping the dealer on big wins is not only a nice way to treat the dealer, but it's good karma for this gambler. It may help even more when it comes to getting rated. Not all dealers and pit bosses seem to have the camaraderie as noted above, but many do discuss players at the table and the pit bosses control your rating.

This isn't to say that a pit boss will say your play is less than what it is, but not tipping or treating the staff nicely won't help. It's always a good bet in life to treat others the way you want to be treated and the same thing can be said in the casino. Being nice to a dealer is not only good to make the world a better place (insert ethereal music here), but it can also help your players club account.

We're usually chummy with the dealer since we have face-to-face access. But, when playing 1st or 3rd base (either end of a table), we have easy access to the pit boss and tend to be chummy with the pit boss. It not only makes our time gambling more fun, but we firmly believe the positivity helps create good karma for the table.

The odds are against us in all casino games so if we don't think positive then who will?!

Archived Comments:

Tipping works!

Me and a couple friends were playing Pai Gow at the Crazy Castle a few years back (oops, Excal, sorry). We were $5 or $10 a hand, but keeping the dealers and pit boss laughing brought the attention of the floor manager (who stood behind me with his mike live so the guys in the surveillance room could hear what we were saying)

When our cocktail went on her break (it was late, or early depending on your perspective) she brought over 3 drinks for each of us and the pit boss kept them in fridge in their counter and doled them out as necessary.

The next night, the same 3 dumbasses, wander into the casino and our pit is gone. A security guard rushes over, knows all  our names and points us in the direction of "our" table. Same dealer rotation, same pit boss, same server. Same great service. When our server was off for the night, the pit boss even told one of us to just go pour our own booze (gotta love a Monday night)

After all our good tips (I'm sure they were) we were told we could have got quite a lot out of the Excal, but we were all staying elsewhere, so I think we may have taken a free meal.

Over 2 days we played for about 12 hours (or more) I played on the same 2 hundred bucks, and walked away with 3 total - after tipping everyone too! Karma was on my side that night