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The Six Hunkiest Headliners In Vegas

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Good looks or the right assets are a must if you’re a woman on the Vegas stage, but (as much as we hate the double standard) the same is not true for men. Take Penn & Teller, for example. Or Brad Garrett, CeeLo, Louie Anderson or Criss Angel. Talented? Sure. (Well, maybe not Criss Angel). Good looking? Um, not so much.

Men have a buffet of choices when it comes to seeing beautiful women performing in Vegas, from brazen topless shows like Fantasy or Crazy Girls to sweet songstresses like Celine Dion and Faith Hill. So, this one’s for the ladies. We’ve rounded up six of Vegas’ most handsome headliners for your ogling pleasure. And, don’t be surprised that The Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under aren’t on here. Being sexy is a requirement to be in those shows. Everyone knows that.

6. Gordie Brown

If you’re going to make the trek downtown, Golden Nugget headliner Gordie Brown’s dashing good looks, perfectly coiffed hair and blue eyes make it worth it. And, after you’ve been bombarded by the half-assed celebrity look-a-likes on Fremont Street, it’s nice to see someone put a little effort into it. In his show, Brown parodies Willie Nelson, Green Day, Eminem and other celebrities who aren’t nearly as attractive as him.

5. Donny Osmond

So, he’s considerably older. A lot older. But, that doesn’t take away from how great he looks for 55. Donny fan girls, err, fan women, flock to see his show (with sister Marie) at the Flamingo for the sole purpose of being transported back into time -- when Donny was in his Tiger Beat heyday and when they still wore bell bottoms. And, any man that can do that is good in our book.

4. Rod Stewart

Another oldie, but goodie. This Caesars Palace headliner is definitely not as wholesome as Donny Osmond, but that’s a good thing. The dude’s pushing 70 (!) but, man, can he still strut and sing just as hot as he did in the 70s.

3. Matt Goss

Caesars Palace lounge lizard, Matt Goss, is talented and hot; like Justin Timberlake meets Michael Buble, but with more English “swagger.” He’s got tons of Gossy groupies already because he was supposedly a big deal in Europe for being in a boy band in the 90s. His fame might not have translated, but at least his good looks did.

2. Jeff Civillico

While Goss looks like the type of guy you hook up with one night, Jeff Civillico is the definitely the type you take home to your mother. He’s no swaggerific singer, but we like The Quad’s afternoon headliner for his wholesome hotness and wacky, Jim Carrey-esque sense of humor. Civillico is such a hunk because he’s like the perfect mashup of Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine, just with a lot more juggling.

1. Frankie Moreno

When you share the same name as a drag queen and perform in the ghost town of the north Strip, hot doesn’t really come to mind. But, when Stratosphere headliner Frankie Moreno (not to be confused with Divas’ Frank Marino) stepped into the spotlight, we were instantly smitten. Like, chin-in-our-hands, dreamy-eyed smitten.

It was like watching the second coming of Elvis, only you don’t know any of the words to his music. (He performs all original songs.) Nonetheless, he’s got the style, the voice and all the hip-gyrating moves that make him irresistible. Some also say he’s a brilliant songwriter and musician, and we're sure that’s true. We wouldn’t know, though, because we were too busy drooling.

(sigh) Oh, Frankie!

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Archived Comments:

Yay, Jeff

Congrats to Jeff Civillico.  He's a genuinely nice guy that puts on one Hell of a fun show, with a personality to match his looks.


i was never big on the rodmanator till i saw his show as a joke, and MY GOD HAS HE STILL GOT IT. amazing man.

civillico and moreno look a bit too pretty for me. and where is luis miguel?!


Matt Goss wasn't 'supposedly' big in Europe...he was big in Europe :) The man is a living legend especially to the Brits who remember Bros. I Can't wait to see him next time we visit from Blighty. - from a one time Brosette