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The Linq To Bring The Vortex To The Strip

January 16, 2013 at 2:28 PM | by | ()

What would you get if you cross the Fremont Street Experience with the Downtown Shipping Container Park's Vortex Immersion Dome? Looks like you might get "The Vortex." And, it will sit on the top of The Linq.

When we first learned the very early details of this 6,800-square-foot, Strip-facing, color-changing roof attraction, we wondered what it would look like? And, why call it The Vortex? Thoughtfully, The Linq has been showing it to us all along. Their artistic rendering of the retail, dining and entertainment corridor leading to the High Roller big wheel, clearly shows where and what it will look like. And the vortex tunnel design and name makes a lot more sense. Here's what the Vortex looked like from street level last week:

Local sign mavens YESCO will be in charge of this high-tech electric roof. But, look at that rendering above of crowds of folks hanging out and basking in its glow? Don't they look like they are having a great time? Jealous yet? We've previously highly praised YESCO's work in the city and have been closely monitoring their work on the Aria Pylon. Now, it appears they are so ubiquitous they are competing against themselves for bragging rights in creating the coolest lit structure on the Strip.

Almost a million dollars has been allocated for the build so it should be pretty snazzy. That leaves $549 million for the rest of The Linq's budget. And, about eleven more months to wait before you can say "meet me under the Vortex."

(PHOTOS: LINQ Project Renderings - Caesars Entertainment Corporation; Construction Image - VegasChatter)

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